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Stargate Chicago 2012 by Creation Entertainment Wows the Windy City!

Hello from the Windy City Stargate fans, I am pleased to announce the commencement of Creation Entertainment’s Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Convention being conducted at the luxurious Westin O’Hare!  From August 17th to August 19th 2012, this reporter will be covering the intricacies, breathtaking moments and, of course, the celebrities attending what has become Creation Entertainment’s largest, and now the only official Stargate convention in the world. I am also excited to …Read the Rest

Chevron 7.6: Stargate Adventures in London with Richard Dean Anderson, Teryl Rothery, Gary Jones, Fulvio Cecere talk Michael Shanks, Chris Judge and More!

Hello once again Stargate and Chevron fans, As I sit down to draft my final report on Chevron 7.6, I wonder quite where to start. My head is a boiling pot of recollections images and flashbacks. My stomach churns remembering the nervous trepidation which precedes the arrival of a guest. My senses still tingle from the excitement of meeting my hero’s. My heart swells with pride and admiration for the …Read the Rest

Scifi on the Rock 5: David Nykl of Stargate Atlantis – Questions and Answers Part Two

Welcome back SciFi on the Rock convention, David Nykl and Stargate fans, Below is the second  of two SciFi on the Rock 5 video panels of this superb actor who is also quite humorous as you will see for yourselves in the video provided courtesy of Mr. Nykl and great team over at SciFi on the Rock! David Nykl is familiar to science fiction fans for his work as seen …Read the Rest

Scifi on the Rock 5: Day Two Overveiew with David Nykl, J.G. Hertzler, Suzie Plaxton and Minds Eye!

Welcome back convention goers!!! Sorry it has taken me a while to finish this, but I figure better little late then never. J Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the previous overview of Saturday’s shenanigans and the video Q&A’s.  This report is a little shorter, mainly because it did not run into the night, but it is still full of fun times. So, let us begin… Sunday I woke up …Read the Rest

Part Two of Scifi on the Rock Saturday!

Welcome back friends. I hope you have all enjoyed the Q&A’s previously provided by SciFi on The Rock for the Mike Savva video panel, and part one (of two) with Mr. David Nykl video panel. This is just a short but exciting review of the rest of what I experienced (from where I last left off) on Saturday at Scifi on the Rock. After David’s Q&A, I had my panel …Read the Rest

Scifi on the Rock 5: Questions and Answers with David Nykl of Stargate Atlantis!

Hello convention, David Nykl and Stargate fans, This man really does not need an introduction, but in case no one knows who this man is, below is the first of two SciFi on the Rock 5 video panels of this superb actor. The only way you would not know who David Nykl is if you have been living under a rock or never seen Stargate Atlantis, Fringe, Human Target, Sanctuary,  …Read the Rest

Scifi on the Rock V: The Most Awesome Convention This Side of Canada!

HELLO SCI-FI FANS!!!! This year’s Scifi on the Rock took place on April 15th – 17th at the Holiday Inn here in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  And let me tell ya, they really outdone themselves this time.  With five awesome guests this time around, it made for a memorable weekend.  So sit back and enjoy my little adventure. Do I ever have a treat for you.  Oh my gosh, where do …Read the Rest

SciFi On The Rock 5: WormholeRiders Land on the Rock with the Heroes of the Day!

Greetings Stargate, Star Trek and Science Fiction convention fans, It is true! Convention season is in full swing because today April 15, 2011 SciFi on the Rock begins holding their fifth yearly science fiction convention in St. Johns Newfoundland! Known by many on Twitter with the hashtag #SFOTR, On April 15-17, 2011 the fans of this delightful convention will be flocking to the Holiday Inn in their fair city on …Read the Rest

Stargate Vancouver by Creation Entertainment: Don’t Dream It’s Over, It’s Just Getting Started!

Greetings Stargate SG-1, SGA and SGU convention fans, Tomorrow April 14, 2011 Creation Entertainment begins holding their yearly epic Stargate Vancouver 2011 Convention! Also known to by the fans as VanCon, this outstanding Stargate Convention will be held April 14-17, 2011 at the Hilton Metrotown Burnaby, 6083 McKay Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia (1-604-438-1200). If you live or are visiting the Vancouver area, tickets are still available at the door!   …Read the Rest

Stargate Vancouver 2011 Gold Tickets Giveaway Winner Drawing. The winner is “Hexidecimal02”!

Greetings Stargate and convention fans, Today Friday Apil 01, 2011 WormholeRiders News Agency is pleased to announce the grand prize winner of the Creation Entertainment Stargate Vancouver 2011 Gold Tickets Giveaway for their fantastic Stargate Convention to be conducted April 14-17, 2011 at the Hilton Metrotown Burnaby, 6083 McKay Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia. The grand prize winner is hexidecimal02 (Twitter name). Congratulations! An e-mail, Twitter direct message and tweet will …Read the Rest

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