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DragonCon 2012: Magic Carpet Ride with Peter Kelamis, Cliff Simon, Garry Chalk, Colin Ferguson, Joe Flanigan, Joseph Morgan, Jewel Staite, Richard Dean Anderson and More!

Hi DragonCon fans! For me DragonCon is when all fellow nerds, geeks, and science fiction lovers get together and celebrate their favorite character or show. Every year there is something different. The streets are always super crowded with everyone dressed up, DragonCon 2012 was truly my Magic Carpet Ride in Atlanta! I have seen my fair share from everything to a pirate to a storm trooper from Star Wars!  I …Read the Rest

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Interview with Production Designer Greg Aronowitz

Hey Convention Goers, While we were at Comic-Con, we had the chance to sit down with production designer and director extraordinaire Greg Aronowitz. Though you may not recognize his name, you are sure to know his work if you’ve been watching television, films, or webseries over the last 25 years. As a special effects artist and design specialist, he’s worked on everything from big budget movies (Dances with Wolves, Terminator …Read the Rest

GAMA Origins Game Fair: “Gaming Geeks Go Wild in Columbus Featuring Wil Wheaton and Geekstress’ Felicia Day and Adrienne Wilkinson!”

Welcome to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio! This game fair is put on and run by the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA). It began as an outlet serving gaming of all kinds – miniatures gaming, board gaming, collectible card games, LARPing, role-playing, and many other fun activities! Second only in size to GenCon and being presented by GAMA, the Origins Game Fair is a showcase for game manufacturers, a tune …Read the Rest

GAMA Origins Game Fair: Geek Fest Featuring Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Adrienne Wilkinson and MUCH MORE!

Hello Game Geek Conventions fans! For whom the bell tolls…ugh…it’s 3:41am…double ugh… If you opened ANY dictionary and looked up “morning person”, you would invariably see a picture of my husband (and to a minor extent, my 9 year old too); you would DEFINITELY find a picture of me listed as THE antonym.  However on this morning, the morning of our trek to Columbus, Ohio for the Game Manufacturers Association …Read the Rest

WonderCon: Geek & Sundry Unveils 2012 Line Up On YouTube!

Hey there fellow geeks! This year at WonderCon, Geek & Sundry announced the details for their highly anticipated new YouTube channel. The producers of everyone’s favorite geeky web series, The Guild, have founded this channel, which will include shows that highlight various facets of geek culture including everything from books to comics to gaming to nerdy adventures. Shows will include: The Flog, Dark Horse Motion Comics, TableTop, The Guild Season …Read the Rest

WonderCon 2012: Felicia Day Drops by Cryptozoic Booth To Open The Guild Trading Cards!

Hey The Guild fans! Cryptozoic Entertainment has teamed up with Felicia Day and The Guild team to bring us an array of awesome new trading cards based off our favorite award-winning webseries about gamers. These tremendous trading cards showcase moments from seasons 1-3 of The Guild. The base set includes 63 cards with 5 cards in a pack and 24 packs in a box. Be on the look out for …Read the Rest

MCM Expo London: “Summer Lovin’ Had Me a Blast…”

Welcome MCM Expo, Sanctuary and Eureka fans! MCM Expo has always been a popular convention for fans, and this year was no different. The queues stretched on into the distance and the atmosphere was buzzing. Agam Darshi and Jonathon Young of Sanctuary were definitely major players at this year’s event, judging by the size of the queue’s at the ExCel Center in London. They were beyond lovely though, kindly taking …Read the Rest

My San Diego Comic Con Adventure: Panels and Beyond!

This year was my third year at Comic Con, and it was by far the most fun I have ever had! The previous two years had finally prepared me to take full advantage of all that Comic Con has to offer. Rachelle and I managed to pack in panels, celebrity meet and greets, and many offsite events. It was a marathon four and a half days, but I wouldn’t have …Read the Rest

The Guild Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2011!

Hey there Guildies! We were at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con Guild Panel and we’re here to give you the scoop on Season 5 of The Guild (our favorite webseries about gamers)! Kim Evey (producer) and Sean Becker (director) started off the panel (the announcer mispronounced their names, which they delighted in teasing each other about-they are very good sports). They announced that season 5 would premiere on July 26th …Read the Rest

Syfy’s Eureka Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2011

Hello Eureka Fans!!! This year at San Diego at Comic-Con International we stood in line for hours so we could see the panel for Syfy’s hit show Eureka and we have to say that it was totally worth the wait. The panel was moderated by the incredibly awesome Wil Wheaton (don’t you just love him?). Joining Wil were executive producers Jaime Paglia and Bruce Miller. The amazing cast present for …Read the Rest

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