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Gatecon 2016: Richard Dean Anderson Interview on Stargate, McGyver, Sea Shepherd and MORE!

Welcome Stargate lovers and WormholeRiders, I recently covered an exciting event in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Gatecon 2016 The Homecoming! We will begin our coverage of this outstanding event here at our web site dedicated to Stargate. You will also find this interview and article posted soon at other WormholeRiders News Agency web sites. Thanks to Paul Brown of Legends Canada, who arranged this interview, we are proud to bring …Read the Rest

Creation Entertainment Stargate Convention Vancouver: The Last Ride Through The Gate? – With Podcast!

Hello once again Stargate Fans! After an 11 hour drive across the Rocky Mountains from Alberta to Vancouver, my car companion and I reached Vancouver and, more importantly, arrived at the very last Creation Entertainment Stargate Convention that was conducted at the Hilton Vancouver Metro Town Hotel. Since this convention event was billed by Creation to be the very “Last Ride Through the Stargate in Vancouver”, I knew long ago …Read the Rest

Once Upon A Cure: A Sci-Fi Fan’s Journey Through The Looking Glass

Hello fans of charity who also love a dose of fantasy and science fiction! When the Once Upon A Cure event was announced in May, I had already been looking for a place to spend an extended weekend trip. This was the opportunity I was looking for. That dream weekend would conclude with a Saturday “evening of a lifetime” at the Once Upon a Cure Gala to raise charity funding …Read the Rest

Stargate Vancouver 2011: Sunday Panels Corin Nemec, J.R. Bourne, Jamil Walker Smith and Christopher Heyerdahl

Hello once again Stargate Fans! In April, I had the opportunity to attend Creation Entertainment’s Vancouver Stargate Convention at the Hilton Metrotown. I’d like to thank the great people at Creation Entertainment for allowing me to cover the convention for WormholeRiders News Agency. I have written several previous articles on my experience including Brad Wright’s panel on Sunday and Friday’s guests. This will be my last report from Stargate Vancouver …Read the Rest

StarCon Vancouver 2011 VIP Tickets Giveaway Winner Drawing: The winner is “VixieRose”!

Greetings StarCon 2011convention fans, Today Monday May 16, 2011 WormholeRiders News Agency is pleased to announce the grand prize winner of the StarCon 2011 VIP Tickets Giveaway for the science fiction convention to be conducted June 24-26, 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The grand prize winner is  VixieRose (Twitter name). Congratulations Vixie! An e-mail, Twitter direct message and tweet will be sent to your attention! You have 48 hours to …Read the Rest

Stargate Memories of Creation Entertainment VanCon 2011!

Hello Stargate convention fans, Below is my memoir of the enjoyable time I experienced at the official Creation Entertainment Stargate Convention often referred to by the fans as “VanCon” in British Columbia, Canada. The trip to the beautiful city of Vancouver was a combination vacation and a planned day of fun at the Stargate convention. We arrived in Vancouver on Wednesday April 13, 2011 at our hotel at 2:00 am …Read the Rest

Creation Entertainment VanCon: Friday Panels – Alexis Cruz, Andee Frizzell and Kavan Smith!

Hello Stargate Fans! On the weekend of April 15, 16, and 17, I had the opportunity to attend Creation Entertainment’s Vancouver Stargate Convention. I would like to thank the great people at Creation for allowing me to cover the con for WormholeRiders News Agency. Andee Frizzell The first panel of the day was Andee Frizzell who I initially had the opportunity to see at Gatecon in July 2010. She was …Read the Rest

Stargate NOT Over: But The End of An Era – Brad Wright’s Panel at Creation Entertainment Vancouver

Hello Stargate Fans! I had the opportunity to attend Creation Entertainment’s official Vancouver Stargate Convention. I would like to thank the great people on the Creation Entertainment team for allowing me to provide coverage of the convention for WormholeRiders News Agency. On Sunday April 17, 2011 one of the masterminds behind the Stargate franchise appeared at the convention, Brad Wright. Mr. Wright has been with the Stargate team at MGM …Read the Rest

Stargate Vancouver by Creation Entertainment: Don’t Dream It’s Over, It’s Just Getting Started!

Greetings Stargate SG-1, SGA and SGU convention fans, Tomorrow April 14, 2011 Creation Entertainment begins holding their yearly epic Stargate Vancouver 2011 Convention! Also known to by the fans as VanCon, this outstanding Stargate Convention will be held April 14-17, 2011 at the Hilton Metrotown Burnaby, 6083 McKay Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia (1-604-438-1200). If you live or are visiting the Vancouver area, tickets are still available at the door!   …Read the Rest

Human Target at WonderCon 2011: Series Secrets With Season Three News!

Hello Human Target Fans, We continue our WonderCon 2011 coverage with an awesome set of interviews with the executive producer and celebrities of Human Target. On Sunday April 03, 2011 with courtesy from Warner Brothers Entertainment Publicity, WHR was fortunate to be able to attend not only the Human Target panel, but the press room as well to bring you exclusive interviews! Human Target is a series with San Francisco …Read the Rest

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