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Chevron 7.6: Stargate Adventures in London with Richard Dean Anderson, Teryl Rothery, Gary Jones, Fulvio Cecere talk Michael Shanks, Chris Judge and More!

Hello once again Stargate and Chevron fans, As I sit down to draft my final report on Chevron 7.6, I wonder quite where to start. My head is a boiling pot of recollections images and flashbacks. My stomach churns remembering the nervous trepidation which precedes the arrival of a guest. My senses still tingle from the excitement of meeting my hero’s. My heart swells with pride and admiration for the …Read the Rest

Chevron 7.6 Day Three: “Things Come Out Of My Mouth That I Can’t Control” – Richard Dean Anderson and MacGyver 2011

Hello again Stargate and Chevron 7.6 fans! Sunday dawned on a parade of tired Chevron party-goers and many of us found ourselves having a manic day of rushing from photo shoots to autograph sessions to cafes and hotel rooms.  We found ourselves crossing paths briefly and giggling about our photo shoots. First we had Gary Jones and Dan Shea in quick succession which we had hoped would mean the schedule …Read the Rest

Chevron 7.6 Day Two: Stargate Activated in Birmingham England!

Hello again Stargate fans! We continue our coverage of Chevron 7.6 produced by Showmasters Massive Events division here at the Hilton Metropole, in Birmingham, England. Editors Note: This convention news report was a team effort drafted with contributions, inputs and images from all three reporters attending this outstanding event by Showmasters and Massive Events. The team consists of HonestHunny (Tracy) who provided the main draft with images provided and uploaded …Read the Rest

Chevron 7.6 Day One: Where Else Would You See a Homeless Symbiote?

Hello Stargate fans! Welcome to Chevron 7.6 produced by Showmasters Massive Events division here at the Hilton Metropole, in Birmingham, England. With many fans arriving early on in the day, the atmosphere for the weekend was quickly set with many joyous reunions and many new bonds being formed between fans. Registration was quick and easy, as always, and there was much purchasing of extra photos and autographs to be done. …Read the Rest

Cool Creation Entertainment Stargate Chicago Con 2010!

Hello again Stargate and Creation Entertainment fans, This was my third consecutive year attending Creation Entertainment’s Stargate Convention in Chicago and I have to say it was definitely the best yet. Not only was the guest line up fantastic, the atmosphere and overall feel of the convention was amazing as well. 2010’s guests included: Michael Shanks, Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Elyse Levesque, Brian J. Smith, Alaina Huffman, Steve Bacic, Dan …Read the Rest

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