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We are pleased to include the entire 88 minute interview with our most recent special guest hostesses, talented authors Kimberley Johnson and Ann Werner.

These gifted authors joined us Sunday June 03, 2012 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern time when they discussed a human interest topic designed for all ages of humanity; virginity and their outstanding hit book The Virgin Diaries!Click to visit and follow Ann Werner on Twitter!

The Virgin Diaries is about the importance for young people of both genders of remaining a virgin until a person is ready for the experience to avoid emotional trauma.Click to purchase The Virgin Diaries at Amazon!

Admirers of these two lovely and gifted lady authors know of their great web site ARK Stories and remember their time on NBC’s Days of Our Lives! 

Click to visit and learn more about Days of Or Lives at NBC!What some do not know is that they are a fantastic mother daughter writing team with several great novels including Ain’t No Sunshine and Dreams and Nightmares!

Kimberley Johnson’s  business partner and mother created ARK Stories Publishing in 2010 and create REALITY BOOKS as well as Werner’s fiction novels. The duo has also launched The Body and Self Image Blog, which is featured on the ARK Stories web site. She is busy at work on her next and newest hush, hush project.

About Kimberley Johnson:

Born in Baltimore Maryland and raised in Southern California. During the 1980-81 school year, she lived with her father, a network news cameraman which provided the opportunity to attend the Anglo American School in Moscow Russia. She portrayed a police officer on the popular daytime drama Days Of Our Lives for over seven years. The make-up crew referred to her as “Diva Cop.” She also has a background in sales, including fine bone china, perfume, industrial chemicals and energy and is now pursuing her dream of conquering the world. She resides in Northern California.
Facebook: Author Kimberley A. Johnson / Twitter: AuthorKimberley

About Ann Werner:

Ann Werner was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, moved to Southern California in 1977,  lived a few years near Sedona Arizona and now resides in Northern California.  Along the way she has held a variety of jobs including bartender, cemetery plot salesperson, auto salesperson, actor and wine consultant, to name a very few.  For seven and a half years she portrayed Eliana, maid to the evil DiMera family on Days of Our Lives.  She is the author of the novel The People Next Door.  She considers life to be a smorgasbord and intends to dine at the table for as long as she can.

Facebook: Author Ann Werner / Twitter MsWerner
Blog: Inside the Mind of Ann Werner

We look forward to you joining us next Sunday evening in an exciting interview with more legends from the entertainment industry,  6 PM PST / 9 PM EST here at WHR-You Decide!

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