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Kevin Rau: Independent Author of the Famous H.E.R.O Series of Books – Being a Successful Writer is Not Mission Impossible!

Welcome back to You Decide! We are pleased and honored to announce our next special You Decide guest host, Mr. Kevin Rau, well known among authors for his famous H.E.R.O series of books that delights hundreds of thousands of readers across the globe! Do you think being an author is …Read the Rest

No Place For Hate: Chicken McNuggets, Seeing Red and Other “Foul” Activities!

Welcome to WormholeRiders News Agency where “You Decide”! We have created the new “You Decide” news site to present you with methods to learn objectivity on how to be respectful with regard to understanding any and all sides to a debate. However, there are certain situational examples which we believe …Read the Rest

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