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We have created the new “You Decide” news site to present you with methods to learn objectivity on how to be respectful with regard to understanding any and all sides to a debate.

However, there are certain situational examples which we believe virtually everyone can agree are well outside the boundaries of reasonable behavior. We include an example below with two such incidents juxtaposed for you to contemplate.

The subject matter which set these people “off”? Fast foods! Although the debate over whether or not the food is suitable for any age group rages on, the behavior exhibited certainly is not suitable or acceptable under any circumstance. Please be warned the language in the video is adult in nature and is not intended for young people.

We have shared these “foul” items to identify what occurs when people lose their tempers and “see red” instead of behaving in a civilized fashion.

Such is the same Click to learn more about Chicken McNuggets!type of reprehensible behavior we ourselves have witnessed on the Internet at Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, web sites, and even such places as Live Journal where angry people lash out and lie in an attempt to cover their own wrong doings or as shown, attempt to obtain some McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets or chicken sandwiches!

For goodness sakes people calm down!

Click to visit and donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities!Alternatively, in our next chapter here at WormholeRiders News Agency “You Decide”, we will suggest and present non threatening behavioral methods on how to handle controversial situations and even malcontent people like those at Oakland and Portland who are destroying their own cities as part of the misguided OWS movement rather than demonstrating for a cause in a responsible manner.

Lastly we would suggest that when going to McDonald’s think about donating to Ronald McDonald House Charities instead of smashing the windows of his house looking for Chicken McNugget’s or using foul language as seen in the video above. Thank you.

We would also suggest that people use thoughtful techniques such as point, counter-point debate formats, learning to agree to disagree rather than lash out at or blame others. Please remember to tell the truth while fairly and objectively presenting items for consideration. Avoid use of hateful language, “Internet Drama” and or threatening behaviors as illustrated and presented in the video above.

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