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As we related in an earlier news piece, we have created the “You Decide” news site to present you with methods to learn objectivity how to be respectful during an argument, disagreement, dispute and or debate.

We shared in our previous report a video illustrating what occurs when people lose their tempers and “see red”. Such behavior many have have witnessed on the Internet at Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, web sites, and even such places as live journal where angry people lash out in an attempt to cover their own wrong doings.

Alternatively, we here at WormholeRiders News Agency invite everyone to participate in our “You Decide” radio show where we will suggest and present news stories about human interest, comedy, politics and other interesting items for your consideration. Each topic and program will be conducted in a thoughtful manner featuring a weekly special guest host. Each program will fairly and objectively present items for your consideration without use of hateful language or threatening behaviors as previously described. Many will be fun, all will be edifying .

Below are several examples of behavioral alternatives presented in video format to help learn a philosophy of how to deal with difficult situations and people, no matter where you might find them.

Diffusing Angry People:

Dealing With Aggressive and Hostile People:

How to Stop An Argument in Thirty (30) Seconds:

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