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No Place For Hate

WHR You Decide: Should We Send In The Clowns? – Yes Says Peter Kelamis!

Welcome back my friends, This Sunday February 19, 2012 we will begin our new “You Decide” radio talk show featuring a wonderful comedic guest host and very talented actor Peter Kelamis! Our special guest announcement will be made this evening after we share with you what the theme with be …Read the Rest

Behavioral Alternatives or How To “Get Along” in Life!

Welcome back to WormholeRiders News Agency “You Decide” As we related in an earlier news piece, we have created the “You Decide” news site to present you with methods to learn objectivity how to be respectful during an argument, disagreement, dispute and or debate. We shared in our previous report …Read the Rest

No Place For Hate: Neither Here, There or Anywhere – So Say We All!

Dear visitors and supporters, Welcome to our 21st dedicated news site! As will be mentioned in his opening and upcoming news post, Kenn, will announce a news relationship with a major television and movie celebrities, here at “You Decide” we will investigate, discuss and present real life issues objectively and …Read the Rest

No Place For Hate: Chicken McNuggets, Seeing Red and Other “Foul” Activities!

Welcome to WormholeRiders News Agency where “You Decide”! We have created the new “You Decide” news site to present you with methods to learn objectivity on how to be respectful with regard to understanding any and all sides to a debate. However, there are certain situational examples which we believe …Read the Rest

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