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Eddie McClintock of Warehouse 13 is More Than a Warehouse Agent, Pete Latimer and the Taxi Cab Messiah!

Welcome back to You Decide! On Sunday April 14, 2013 at 3:30 Pacific time WormholeRiders News Agency You Decide Radio will continue our new new radio format when questions for those who call 773-897-6175, tweet or post on our Facebook company page, will be placed FIRST in the beginning segment …Read the Rest

Alex Zahara Interview: Fringe, Once Upon A Time, How Each of Us Can Help Stop Plastics Pollution and More!

Welcome to WHR Radio Where You Decide! We are pleased to include the entire interview with our last special guest host, a wonderful actor, the very talented Mr. Alex Zahara. On Sunday March 04, 2012, Alex talked about one of his (and our) greatest concerns, plastics pollution with you and …Read the Rest

You Decide: How To Fix The Planet With Alex Zahara!

Welcome back to” You Decide”, This Sunday March 4, 2012 at 8 PM Eastern and 5 PM Pacific time, we will continue with our new “You Decide” radio talk show featuring a wonderful guest host, the very talented actor, Mr. Alex Zahara. Alex will address the important subject of environmentalism …Read the Rest

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