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Gatecon 2016: Richard Dean Anderson Interview on Stargate, McGyver, Sea Shepherd and MORE!

Welcome Stargate lovers and WormholeRiders, I recently covered an exciting event in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Gatecon 2016 The Homecoming! We will begin our coverage of this outstanding event here at our web site dedicated to Stargate. You will also find this interview and article posted soon at other WormholeRiders …Read the Rest

Cedar Cove’s Elyse Levesque, Leading Lady and Lover of Life!

Welcome back to WHR You Decide, We are honored and pleased to announce Elyse Levesque will delight us with her presence on WHR You Decide Saturday November 09, at 8 AM Pacific time where you can chat with Elyse by calling 347-838-9722 about her new career adventures, and her wonderful …Read the Rest

Bill Butt Interview: Travel Safety, Fringe, Eureka, BSG, Stargate SG-1 SGA SGU, V Series, Supernatural and MORE!

Welcome back to WHR Radio Where You Decide! We are pleased to include the complete interview with our special You Decide guest host, Mr. Bill Butt, the gifted and talented actor who joined us Sunday April 08, 2012 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern time for an exciting interview about …Read the Rest

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