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The Candy Shop: Doug Jones of Falling Skies on Stopping Child Sexual Abuse!

Welcome back to WHR You Decide! In this special edition of our program, Patricia and I have teamed up to perform the research for the feature article for  one of the most talented actors of our age, Doug Jones, who we are honored to interview and will be here to …Read the Rest

Fulvio Cecere Interview: International Man of Mystery and Knowledge!

Welcome back to WHR Radio Where You Decide! This past Sunday June 17, 2012 Patricia and I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most accomplished veteran actors of our era, Mr. Fulvio Cecere who joined us Sunday June 17, 2012 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM.EST to discuss a …Read the Rest

Fulvio Cecere Guest Hosts “Show Me The Money”: Entertainment Industry Competition For Production $$!

Welcome back to WHR Radio Where You Decide! We are pleased to announce our next special guest host, Fulvio Cecere who will join WHR Sunday June17, 2012, 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern time to discuss his human interest topic, Competing for Production Dollars in the Film Industry. As always, …Read the Rest

Dan Shea Interview: Physical Fitness, Television Movie Stunts and Stargate!

Welcome to WHR Radio Where You Decide! We are pleased to include the entire interview with our last special guest host, a wonderful actor, stunt expert, the multi-talented Mr. Dan Shea. On Sunday March 11, 2012, Dan chatted with his fans about physical fitness, television and movie stunts, Stargate, and …Read the Rest

You Decide: Work Out and Get Fit With Dan Shea!

Welcome back to” You Decide”, This Sunday March 11, 2012 at 9 PM Eastern and 6 PM Pacific time, we will continue with our new “You Decide” radio talk show featuring a wonderful guest host, the very talented Stunt Coordinator and Actor, Mr. Dan Shea.Dan will address the subject of …Read the Rest

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