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Jay Brazeau Interview: A Man of Humor For All Seasons and Series!

Welcome back to WHR You Decide! We are pleased to include our 91 minute interview with outstanding actor and comedic talent Jay Brazeau, who joined Team WHR Sunday July 08, 2012 to discuss a  favorite human interest; “The Importamce of Laughter” for everyone! Jay’s outstanding career began in 1975 featured …Read the Rest

The Film Industry: The Never Ending Story of Entertainment Featuring Peter Flemming of Stargate!

Welcome back to WHR Radio Where You Decide! We are pleased to announce our next special guest host, Peter Flemming, who will join WHR Sunday June 10, 2012 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern time to discuss his human interest topic, Differences in the Film Industry. As always, we will …Read the Rest

Garry Chalk Interview on Arts and Entertainment, Alcatraz, The Killing, Stargate and MORE!

Welcome back to WHR Radio Where You Decide! We are pleased the entire interview with our special  You Decide guest host, Mr. Garry Chalk, the handsome and talented actor who joined us Sunday April 01, 2012 3 PM Pacific, 6 PM Eastern time for his exciting interview about the state …Read the Rest

Dan Shea Interview: Physical Fitness, Television Movie Stunts and Stargate!

Welcome to WHR Radio Where You Decide! We are pleased to include the entire interview with our last special guest host, a wonderful actor, stunt expert, the multi-talented Mr. Dan Shea. On Sunday March 11, 2012, Dan chatted with his fans about physical fitness, television and movie stunts, Stargate, and …Read the Rest

You Decide: Work Out and Get Fit With Dan Shea!

Welcome back to” You Decide”, This Sunday March 11, 2012 at 9 PM Eastern and 6 PM Pacific time, we will continue with our new “You Decide” radio talk show featuring a wonderful guest host, the very talented Stunt Coordinator and Actor, Mr. Dan Shea.Dan will address the subject of …Read the Rest

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