Stargate Los Angeles 2009: Cliff Simon – Ba’al Abducts Concubines, Enslaves Men and Saves Puppies!

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Hey Cliff Simon, Ba’al and Stargate Fans,

I arrived a few minutes late for the panel appearance of Cliff Simon at the Los Angeles Stargate 2009 Creation Entertainment Convention heClick to visit Creation Entertainmentld at the Marriott Hotel near the International Airport. The reason for my tardiness to see the infamous Ba’al LA Stargate at the LAX Marriottwas a brief business meeting with Gary, one of the owners of Creation Entertainment.

The WHR team then held an impromptu meeting regarding potential for scheduling a private room for video interviews with some of the stars at the convention. These types meetings occurred all weekend long. Without going into detail, our team greatly appreciated all the courtesies extended by Creation Entertainment to WormholeRiders News Agency.

Thank you Creation Entertainment!

Cliff-Simon - Ba'al at Los Angeles Stargate 2009

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A friend informed me that not only did Cliff Simon enter the stage to a roaring round of applause, several ladies were said to have swooned and passed out when he arrived! For goodness sakes, Ba’al was wearing cowboy boots with denim pants and a rather tight fitting blue long sleeve t-shirt rolled up to his elbows. Cliff’s outfit displayed the fine shape of his physique to the delight of Cliff Simon fans filling the auditorium.

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This is fan fiction: I looked around the auditorium for evidence of this fact only to see that the entire female audience (every single one I might add), were indeed being evacuated by Stargate after a Goa’uld Ring Transport activated by one of Ba’al’s Death Glider’s from an Ha’tak known to be in orbit above the Earth! The sound of the Ring Transport brought wave after wave of Jaffa ouside the auditorium! Jack O’Neill, Dr. Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal’c were trying to help, but even they would have no effect on what was transpiring as the empty seats below clearly illustrate!

Women Missing at 2009 LA SGCon LA by Ba'al!

If you click the video below and look and listen closely, you can see and hear the Death Gliders, the Ring Transport and see Ba’al’s evil minion Apophis activating the Ring Transport and the Stargate! And oh my God, even Sha’re and Skarra were helping Ba’al kidnap these nubile women! I knew then and there we would never see any of these lovely ladies on Earth ever again as the Ring Transport cycled over and over and the women were whisked away by Stargate to a life of fantasy with the false God Ba’al!! It was hard to believe, but each group of ladies had a very pleasant smile on their faces! Worst of all, each of them appeared to be quite pleased to be selected! It was obviously the beginning of the end of human kind here on Earth!

No one ever knew precisely what System Lord Ba’al had in mind for the several hundred beautiful women Stargate fans he had just procured, but many, including I suspected that it would include making ever more Ba’al clones and other forms of servitude of which not a single woman was found to be protesting! Yikes! There were even rumors that women outside the hotel were in fact rushing the auditorium, in fact begging to get in line too as Death Gliders could be heard firing on the innocent victims!!

What the heck was going on here! With this kind of Ba’al popularity, Earth was destined to be overrun with more Ba’al System Lord clone’s in very short order. Heck If I was a woman, I too would have been in line at the Stargate in order to spend some intimate time with the most famous, extremely popular, and very long lived “baddest bad guy” in all of Stargate franchise series history! The only thought I had left was did Que’tesh know what was happening and what were Ba’al’s plans for us men!2009 LA SGCon Ba'al's First Prime Valerie

My throat tightened with a GULP!

Now that Ba’al had secured several hundred gorgeous concubines, he turned to the remaining humans, all males in the audience to let us know we also had job security! We shuddered as a collective group when Ba’al informed us that after his appearance we would be reporting to his Naquadah mines for the remainder of our miserable lives! Ba’al then proudly displayed his personal collection of throwing knives, bragging that he had used them in “Abyss” to torture and kill Jack O’Neill over and over again! Fortunately Jack had been rescued by the then Ascended Dr. Daniel Jackson! Ba’al plainly told us that if we disobeyed in the slightest, we too would get to “feel” his throwing knives most personally and we all knew Dr. Jackson would not be able to save all of us!

To the man, we quickly looked to the doors for a way to escape only to find Jaffa guards led by towering [and smiling] Valerie of Creation Entertainment blocking all of the exits! [shown above right]. We knew our time on Earth was now limited to about 45 minutes more freedom! Double Yikes! It was plainly obvious Creation Entertainment was deeply involved in this conspiracy probably in exchange for having their lives spared when Ba’al conquered the Earth! We were doomed and we knew it right then and there to a Ba’al alternate time-line!

Worst of all, Goa’uld Ba’al apparently now had a female First Prime in Valerie! We heard later she was found partying and enjoying adult beverages at a Karaoke event obviously celebrating her dastardly complicity with the System Lord Ba’al. The pictures here prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Valerie was indeed Ba’al’s new First Prime as we looked forward to slaving away in a dark dank Naquadah mine on some undesignated planet!

Excuse my little fan fiction fun here folks courtesy of a few fan fiction fair use news clips from MGM Studios, but whenever I see Cliff Simon in an SG-1 episode or the Stargate SG-1 movie, ‘Continuum’, I cannot help but think of a simple yet enduring fact; Ba’al is likely the greatest villain ever created over the course of the ten (10) years of Sta2009 LA SGCon Cliff-Simon Thinks. Click & visit Creationrgate SG-1 series and the two follow on movies. Nothing against Anubis or any other villain’s, they were wonderful in their own right, but let us be honest with ourselves people, Cliff Simon is without doubt the most wonderfully “bad” male System Lord in Stargate history. And when we say “bad” we mean the nothing but the best and here he was in person, in the flesh!

Accordingly Cliff had immediately started with questions and answers after his introduction by Creation Entertainment staff. Cliff almost immediately sat in the director’s chair on stage and did not leave it until the end of his entire panel performance on 2009 LA SGCon Cliff-Simon Smiles. Click & visit Creation!stage. Now some would think this might have made his appearance less than lively. Quite the contrary, Cliff’s gestures throughout were very entertaining and his facial expressions made his time on stage very lively indeed! The first question asked was eternal.

Fan Questioner: “What was it like to play a bad guy like Ba’al and work for Richard Dean Anderson on Stargate SG-1?

Cliff Simon: “He is just the right degree where he is not unfriendly or he is not intimidating to a guest star coming on to the show. He is not an intimidating guy. He did not act like you know, ‘you are on my show’. Even though in all those years he was an executive producer, but Richard never acted like ‘that’. He was always a nice person to work with”

Fan Questioner: “When you get other career jobs on the big screen is there anybody from Stargate you would like to have as a guest star?’

Cliff Simon:”I cannot think of someone off hand, but I do think Chris Judge would be a fantastic character. Do you want to know why [pointing to audience]? Because I can kill him. That’s what I like!”

[Crowd breaks out in laughter!]

Cliff Simon: ”That’s what I 2009 LA SGCon Cliff-Simon looking at fansay. Chris is a big guy. He is a unique looking guy. A great looking guy with a fantastic [acting] voice. And that is what is so cool about the show, there is so many different types of characters. Different nationalities. There were so many coming to the American West [Hollywood] to strike it rich, to check it out. So he would be a great character. Someone like Claudia [Black] is also fantastic. I just want to surround myself with nice people. How’s it going? Good to see you again.”

Fan Questioner: “Hey Cliff! You have been around the world living in two places and now you are living here in Los Angeles. Of all the various places, where and what are the some of the positive things (places) that you would like to live? Are there place you would consider living again or is this where you think you will end up?

Cliff Simon: ”You mean comparing Los Angeles to other cities I have lived in?”

Fan Questioner: “You lived in Europe for a while, right?”

2009 LA SGCon Cliff-Simon Gestures

Cliff Simon: ”Yeah, but in Europe I worked in Paris for a year. I lived in London for three years.”


Fan Questioner: “If you could pick anyplace, or you had 10 million dollars would you pick Los Angeles or somewhere else?”Images Courtesy Creation Entertainment 2009 LA SGCon LA

Cliff Simon: ”No definitely not. I do not see myself living in Los Angeles forever. I wanted to come to Los Angeles because it is the center of the movie industry. It’s where you have to be. If you are going to make it in the industry this is the place you are going to make it. So being here I want to do it properly or I do not want to do it at all. I came to the United States for a better life, for a better quality of life which is got nothing to do with money at all. I have been able to walk my dog at 10 o’clock at night in Los Angeles. In South Africa I cannot do that. In South Africa you would not walk around at night time. In fact I had to sleep with guns next to my bed! I really did not want to see another gun if my life. I am sick of it! “

Cliff Simon [continues]: ”But Los Angeles is a fantastic city. It is big and bustling where if you can find your niche in the city, it is a great place, despite all the traffic and stuff. I tend to work my day around all the traffic and I know the routes to take to avoid it. Where this is traffic and where there isn’t traffic.

2009 LA SGCon Cliff Simon. Courtesy Creation Entertainment

Cliff Simon [continues] “But Caifornia being like the fourth biggest economy in the world, it is like it’s own country. It is an amazing place. Now as to where I would like to go if I had 10 million dollars? I would go to Hawaii. To Kauai. But I would go to as many islands as I could. And you know places like Bora Bora, it would be beautiful. But I like Hawaii because it is part of the United States. I pack my bags and go there because I would not have to change anything. I have [USA] medical insurance and everything. I want warm water. I am tired of Los Angeles cold waters. I’ll tell you when I moved out here I did not know there was a big ocean that was freezing cold! I came from the Indian Ocean which was warm and I thought it was like the South Pacific. I ran and jumped in the water and it was freezing and dirty. I needed a wet suit to be able to get in! So yeah Hawaii.”

Images courtesy Creation Entertainment. Click to visit

Cliff Simon [continues]: ”But if I had to choose a city to live in it would be Paris. Paris is the most amazing city. It is just an amazing city! There is so much tradition and history. French people are great. Everyone thinks the French people are rude. They are not rude at all. Especially if you try, are trying to speak French. They are so accommodating to you because you are trying to speak their language. But yes, the French people do think French is the number one language in the world over all others. The French people do get tired of tourists in Paris because they are not living there. But the real French people are great people and it is a great place. When I was there living like French people during the two weeks of summer is an excellent time. So living in a city I would choose Paris, but living on an Island I would choose Hawaii. It would be my island. I would like to move out there eventually. That is what I would like to do and Hawaii is where I would like to retire to.”

Photography by SciFiFanGirl616. Images courtesy Creation Ent

Next Fan Questioner: “You like wind surfing. When and where did you learn how to do it?”

Cliff Simon: ”I have been here for ten years and I have been doing it since I arrived in the United States. I used to teach wind surfing. I have always loved water and wind sports but never liked the sound of an engine or the smell of gasoline when on the water. I enjoy going kayaking or surfing. Occasionally I will go jet skiing or skiing up in the mountains at some lake, but I prefer the just to hear the wind and feel the water. “

Courtesy Creation Ent. 2009 LA SGCon LA Cliff Simon

Cliff Simon [continues]: ”What happened when I was driving out to Malibu when I first arrived, and some guys were doing off Topanga which is just near the beginning of Malibu and wondered what the hell this was. I had never seen it before. I stopped and watched as one guy came close to the beach and I took one look at that and within two days of seeing that I 2009 LA SGCon Cliff Simon. Images courtesy Creation Entfound a guy who was in Malibu who sold equipment. I went to see him and had a lesson and I started doing it. It took me quite a while to pick it up because it is a hard thing to do. But now I feel that it is just the greatest thing. What attracks me is when you are out there it’s just me and the dolphins. With the wind and the water that is all you hear. You do not think about anything else. You become completely focused on what you are doing. It is like meditation.”

Next Fan Questioner: “Do you speak French?”

Cliff Simon: ”Bon jour Madame! [crowd laughs] I have actually forgotten how to speak French, but I love the language. It is one of the best languages. A very romantic language. Thank you.”

Next Fan Questioner: “Hi. I have heard Ben Browder talk about getting the opportunity to work in the arctic and things like that. In your acting career what is the coolest thing you have been able to do as an actor? What was your opportunity like that?”

Cliff Simon: ”You know there are so many things, not so far as places I have gone to or things I have done when filming. But small things. Recently I shot an episode of “24” which I appear in January [2010] where I play a sniper. I am a Russian sniper and I spent the day on top of a building in downtown Los Angeles with this amazing sniper rifle with a scope like this big [gestures] It’s really a great show the way they shoot 24 it is shot in real time and everything is happening! They have got five cameras and things are happening, the car [in the scene] is coming flying and I am shooting live rounds, obviously dummies, shooting at this car and he is screeching around flying in that direction, shooting guns and that was fun. That is what acting is really, like being a kid again.”

2009 LA SGCon Cliff Simon. Images courtesy Creation Ent

Cliff Simon [continues]: “I have always said if you stop having fun with your acting, you have got to stop acting! It has always got to be fun. If it just becomes a job, no because if it is not fun you sit around on set for 10 to 15 hours a day and if you are not having fun or finding a way to have fun, you will go crazy. So you just cannot do it [that way without fun]. Other things like shooting out trailers, we were out in the dusk. It is just beautiful to do those things. In countries I have shot in I really it is really special. The California desert, I have also shot in Namibia, which used to be South West Africa, shooting on huge sand dunes, there we were riding quad bikes, you call them ATV’s, and you have where the desert meets the seas. It was amazing. We got to do things that people do not get to see. When you are filming stuff you really you often get to go to real out of the way places. They are often places that are not for tourists, so you get to see thing first hand that are rarely seen.”

Cliff Simon [continues]: “So today I got to visit Paramount. It was really cool walking around there. I got to look at these huge stages and I was like awwwww, thinking of all the work that was done there. One of the most unexciting things I did a couple of weeks ago was a J.C. Penney commercial.” [crowd laughs]

WR_Systems: “Seriously, a J.C. Penney commercial?”

Cliff Simon [continues]: “Yeah, I got to play the dad in the commercial! I hope you never get to see it!” [crowd laughs loudly]. Yeah I was the daddy. I think it is running right now. It was about a Christmas party and I have this little boy with me. What is great is that you would not even recognize me in that commercial! So as an actor you have the ups and downs.

Same Fan Questioner: “Please tell us what to look for so we can recognize you!”

Cliff Simon [resigned to his fate]: “Okay. I am wearing a [pauses] let me look around, because I do not want to offend anyone here. It is kind of like a checked shirt with a collar, with a sleeveless vest, you know the type? Well it was not me 2009 LA SGCon Cliff Simon. Images courtesy Creation Entat all. I had two days to shoot this and I was so uncomfortable with it. I mean me with a kid? I do not have children you know. It was like having a little alien with me!

WR_Systems: “Like a little Goa’uld?”

[The crowd howls with laughter]

Cliff Simon [continues]: “Before the commercial breakdown [Term in the acting business for the description of the job], I learned that I almost had the commercial and I was going in as this groovy grandpa! I do not know what I am, but I know I am NOT a groovy grandpa! My agent said, no they want to see you. So go in and I am the only guy in the [audition] room that still has a little bit of black hair [audience chuckles]. Really it was not so funny as far as casting, but I was laughing to myself I would not get the part. Three and a half hours later, I GOT THE CALL BACK! My agent calls me and tells me and I go what are you kidding me? I could not actually believe I got the call back and got the job!”

Cliff Simon [continues]: “Later I called a friend of mine who was an actor who went in a week and a half ago for a part in Forgotten, the new a [Jerry] Bruckhiemer show. As far as he was concerned he had totally messed up the audition. He really felt he had messed it up. Then he got that job which was really great he got it. So I said to him, see that is what happens. The jobs that you really want you go in with … You really do not want to go in with too much expectation but 2009 LA SGCon Cliff Simon. Images courtesy Creation Entwith inspiration. But you must not make it look like you really want that job. You kind of have to have an attitude ‘if I get it I get it’. And that is what I did with J.C. Penney and what my friend did with ‘Forgotten’. But if you go in with ‘I really want this job’, you do not get it. As an example, I have been auditioned for NCIS four times. FOUR TIMES! And every time I go the casting director says ‘Hey Cliff there are so many characters you can play’, and I say please do not tell me that because I am not only getting beaten up by one [casting] guy, but I have been beaten up by ten! So I say eventually the right character will come along!” That is why I went to see [Paramount] today. I am hopeful, but I have not actually seen NCIS- LA. Is NCIS-LA good?”

[Audience erupts with woots and shouts good luck]

Cliff Simon [continues]: “Cool. We will see what happens. I have always believed that when you hire me, you are hiring ME. When I play a character, it is me. Ninety percent of that character is me. That is the kind of attitude I have. It has worked in the past. ”

WR_Systems: “In Stargate Continuum you ‘died’ when you reprised your role as Ba’al. Of course none of us really believe Ba’al is really dead, we think the real one is still ‘out there’, but in the event that you were approached [by MGM Studios] to appear in Stargate Universe say aboard the ‘Destiny’, would you consider it [taking the role]?”

Cliff Simon: “Yeah sure. It is work you know. Like I have said previously I would love to see the show succeed. If I could be some part of that I would love to be part of that. All those guys, Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, they are great guys. So yes I would.”

WR_Systems: “Cool. You know there is fan fiction out there where the ‘real Ba’al’ comes back. What do you think of that?”

Cliff Simon: “I don’t know [what to think] about this fan fiction!”

[Audience erupts with laughter]

2009 LA SGCon Cliff Simon image by SciFiFanGirl616

WR_Systems: “No no. It is mostly wholesome. The only thing in it are [Goa’uld] snakes that get in people’s heads! Other than that it is all good. One of the stories is that Ba’al has access to some secret thing that the Ancients had hidden that will allow Ba’al to get aboard the Destiny in Stargate Universe! So we are hoping and we all would love to see you back [in Stargate]! Thank you.”

Cliff Simon: “Well the series producers and fan fiction writers can do whatever they want. But yeah sure, if offered I would work with them again! I am an actor, so where there is work, I would certainly do it.”

[Audience claps in support of Ba’al’s pending return to Stargate]

Next Fan Questioner: “What is it about the Hawaii island of Kauai that attracts you? What part of the island would it be? Would it be Hanalei or Pouipu?”

Cliff Simon: “It would definitely be Pouipu because it is the south end of the island and there is less rain there. What appeals to me about Kauai is that it is still unspoiled and it is the garden isle. It is just very beautiful. I like it because it is 2009 LA SGCon Cliff Simon. Images courtesy Creation Entkind of small. Pouipu beach reminds me of what beach towns used to be like in Hawaii 20 or 30 years ago. Like a quiet surfer town. But other than that, I do not really know. It is just there!”

Same Fan Questioner: “The surf is pretty rugged down there.”

Cliff Simon [continues]: “Yeah I know! I was out there one day watching these kids, nine or ten years old surfing. They walk down the rocks waiting for the water to come in and then just dive in and paddle out! I thought it cannot be that dangerous, but I saw some BIG waves further out that the really good guys were surfing. So I said to my wife, I am going in for some body surfing! So I went out, I swan out and it was funny because the reef was right underneath me. The water must have been 6 to 8 feet deep way out there. So it was sort of cool the way the waves came in, not like California waves, but really big waves. It was very fun!”

Next Fan Questioner: “Were any pranks pulled on you when you were in SG-1?”

Cliff Simon: “Nobody really pulled a prank on me except one that happened in a scene with Richard Dean Anderson. It was one day early in the series, one of the first few episodes, but I cannot remember which one, the director shouts action and I am waiting for Richard to come while I am standing by the Stargate waiting for him to come in, and I am waiting and waiting, looking around WAITING. I am looking around thinking I do not know what is going on when the director jumps into to Richards spot and started reading Richards lines and I looked at him and I just burst out laughing. I go [to the director] what are you doing? Anyway, Richard comes sauntering back in and says naw, the other studio had an air conditioner and I just did not feel like being there, you know? But it was quite funny the way Richard did it, like an executive producer just doing his own thing!”

2009 LA SGCon Cliff Simon. Images courtesy Creation Ent

Cliff Simon [continues]: “But you know Chris [Judge] he used to do things early in the day. You know how it is, you get on set there early like 6:00 AM in the morning. It is winter in Canada, it is freezing and it is dark and I was still half asleep probably because I had been drinking too much the night before. So anyway Chris would take,what do you call it ‘clear wrap’, Saran Wrap, and he would use it to surround like Michael Shanks toilets in his trailer! So you know you cannot really see it right? So Michael would go wake up all sleepy to go take a wee-wee and it would go like all over! That was one of Chris’ best tricks. He used to do it to a lot of people, but they never did it to me. I do not know why? Maybe they were just scared of Ba’al! They used to play a lot of tricks on each other just among the regular cast guys”

[Audience erupts with laughter]

2009 LA SGCon Cliff Simon. Images courtesy Creation Ent

Next Fan Questioner: “Have you ever done theatre or stage work and what was it like?”

Cliff Simon: “I did do a little stage work in South Africa. I would definitely like to do more of that. As far as actual plays, I like the idea of doing one man plays. A friend of mine in South Africa had a play called … I cannot remember now .. It came over to America and had something to do with cavemen. Do you remember? No? Anyway my friend played a caveman. It was a three hour play and he was on stage for 3 hours on his own! I will tell you after that I had so much respect for him because I did not know he could do that and then I wanted to do that too. But there is nothing happening in Los Angeles for me as far as theatre is concerned. They do have the ‘black box’ theatre up in Hollywood and people showcase stuff in them. But I have never had the opportunity to be part of one. But if there is one being done I would definitely do it. Being on stage is different because you have immediate audience reaction. It’s like amazing. When you are filming on television or on film, you can film for months and months, you have no reaction. You do not know how people are going to react to you. That is why there is a special dynamic when you are on stage doing a play because there is that immediate reaction. Sometimes when doing it you do not think it is funny, but people laugh and it brings a whole new meaning to it which is really nice.”

Same Fan Questioner: “How about up in Vancouver?”

Cliff Simon [continues]: “If there is a chance up there I would definitely get into it.”

Next Fan Questioner: “Are you still involved with charities?”

Cliff Simon: “Yes. I am still involved with my favorite charity ‘Karma Rescue’ which is amazing. Every year Pat [Bertrand of Auroris Entertainment] around my birthday collects a lot of money and donates it to the cause. Karma Rescue is for helping dogs, 99% Pit Bulls, to help them recover from dog fighting. As you know dog fighting is a big problem in Los Angeles. We are trying to stop it. We also go after a lot of the pet shops who are selling the [Pit Bull] puppies because as far as we are concerned they come from puppy mills. They must be made illegal. They make everything thing else illegal. You cannot even smoke in places without someone looking at you sideways because it is ‘illegal’.

Images by SciFiFanGirl616, courtesy Creation Ent

Cliff Simon [continues]: “They MUST make selling puppies illegal because like I said they come from puppy mills. If you have ever seen what these puppy mills are like, it is terrible and that is why dogs that are born there and sold in pet shops are very sickly. A lot of them never recover and a lot of them die because they are just very weak puppies. We have rescued many and now we have about 60 [recently] rescued Pit Bulls. It costs Karma Rescue about $30,000 a year to look after and care for Click to visit and DONATE to Karma Dog Rescue, Cliff's charitythese dogs. All of it comes from donations only. There is no other source of funding, so I try to do whatever I can to raise the money for them and I tell people it is very easy to donate something, even blankets or anything like that. It is really amazing when you see the progress, from what they [the dogs] were doing to where they are now. They are just the most amazing dogs when you see the change because they are a product of the environment they are exposed to at the moment. Dogs do not really have a concept of time like we do, so they become a product of the moment. That is how they are going to react. The minute you show them love they will show you love back! It takes time because they have been abused, they have a little something in their heads loose somewhere, but you can definitely change them and get them to become very good pets.”

[Audience erupts with clapping for Cliff’s good charity work. Please donate today!]

Cliff Simon [continues passionately]: “What people sometimes forget is that the Pit Bull is America’s sweetheart dog. It is an American dog. And yet they have got this bad rap just like Doberman’s and German Sheppard’s had. They have all been 2009 LA SGCon Cliff Simon. Images courtesy Creation Entthrough it. The problem with the Pit Bull is that they are an extremely powerful dog. If an abused dog does happen to get hold of you, they can do a lot of damage. That is the difference. A little poodle or other small dogs are actually more aggressive than a Pit Bull, but it is not going to do as much damage as a Pit Bull. So you know it is just a funny thing. I always say we teach kids how to pet dogs and do all the right things. You do not teach them to poke the dog in the eye because he is going to attack you. So we teach our kids how to play with animals. So Canine Rescue is a really good cause and I will carry on with it.”

Next Fan Questioner: “Do you still have family relatives in South Africa?”

Cliff Simon: “Yes. I still have two sisters and an aunt there. I also have a sister in Israel. All my sisters live in the some of the most dangerous places in the world! It is rather fantastic. I was in Israel in June. It is a really beautiful country. You would never think it is the center of the worlds struggle. It really is. That is where everything is concentrating in that one tiny little area. But it is a most beautiful country and the people there just live for each day because they do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. But you go to the beaches and the people are OUT. It is just an amazing, amazing place. You would never think that just 30 miles down the road there are guys [terrorist] there that want to shoot rockets! I come from a country where we always had war on our border. America has never had a modern war on the border. If you can imagine we had a war with Canada and Mexico and they were shooting rockets into America what it would be like. Of course America is a huge country where as Israel is a tiny, tiny little country. So if someone shoots a rocket from another country [into Israel] it is going to land right in the middle of your [their] country. Terrible. But yeah it is a beautiful place. All the people are amazing and 2009 LA SGCon Cliff Simon. Images courtesy Creation Enteveryone lives for the ‘day’ and the people somehow just get on [with their lives]. It is just like in South Africa. Things are just small. The good thing is that now the [white] minority people there now just want to change things. And in South Africa, the African people are the most amazing people. They are warm, they are friendly, they are great. But like in many places there is a small little group that causes all the problems.”

Next Fan Questioner: “Did you go sightseeing when you were in Israel?”

Cliff Simon: “Yes. We went up to Mount Sinai. It is a little like a place in California, the “Big Bear” [ski resort] area. Further up, not too far from Bakersfield [California] if you know that area.”

Same Fan Questioner: “Where are your skis and did you bring them?”

Cliff Simon [continues]: “In my garage! That is the “man” room! The MAN room. I want to tell you it is NOT a garage. It is MY MAN room. Women are allowed in, but only when they are invited! But other than that I have my motorcycle there AND my X-BOX! It is a play room, ‘MY’ play room!”

[Audience giggles with laughter]

Cliff Simon [continues]: “I sometimes head out into the mountains there. I have ridden all the way to Las Vegas, but anyway that is my garage! So that is about all. Okay one more question.”

Last Fan Questioner: “In Stargate Continuum 75 years went by for the other Cameron Mitchell, I mean how did Ba’al deal with him during the 75 years of Alternate Reality?”

Cliff Simon: “Oh that’s easy. I would have vaporized him because I had the [Goa’uld] ‘Hand Device’!”

[Audience roars with laughter]

Cliff Simon [continues]: “Yeah I would have ‘taken care’ of him with the hand device. But we really do not know what happened to him do we?”

WR_Systems: “No not in the Alternate Time-Line, we do not know what happened.”

Cliff Simon [continues]: “The other Cameron Mitchell is just kind of floating out ‘there’ isn’t he?”

Fan last second question; “Speaking of floating ‘out there’ whatever happened to Anubis when he was floating in space in the earlier [actual time line]?”

Cliff Simon [continues]: “Oh right, yeah I remember that.”

WR_Systems: “But in both time-lines where Anubis did not appear in the movie [Continuum], we do not know what happened to him at all, right? So Anubis might still be out there? Anubis might recruit you yet my friend!”

Cliff Simon [concludes]: “Well maybe. Maybe I might recruit him! You never know. Well guys thank you it has been fun!”

And with that Cliff Simon left the stage to a raucous round of applause. Clearly his stage appearance was one of the highlights of the weekend. However the ‘Cliff Simon Show’ did not end there as I was to learn.

That Friday evening I had the pleasure of meeting Cliff again with Ryan Robbins in the hotel lobby just before the Creation Entertainment Karaoke. Strangely no fans were around and I had several minutes with the two stars of Stargate to discuss how much everyone had enjoyed their appearances. I introduced myself and Cliff laughed saying “you were one of the ones with all those interesting Stargate questions. What’s up?” I gave both a business card and mentioned that WHR had two other reporters [ValaBlack and MeaganSue] at the convention covering the Farscape events at the hotel who were therefore unfortunately unable to see their stage appearances. They both laughed saying “Farscape, what is that?” I laughed saying “I had NO IDEA!”

Cliff & Ryan photograph WR_Systems - Kenn

Cliff and Ryan asked if ValaBlack and MeaganSue would be attending the Stargate Karaoke starting up in just a few minutes. I responded that they would not miss it for the world and would the two of them be kind enough to spend a little time since they were huge fans of both of them and wanted to attended but could not due to their “job” covering that “other” convention?

Cliff and Ryan looked at each other and then nodded in the affirmative, mentioning that after they made the rounds with all the fans, would I simply motion to the table where they were sitting. I said of course and asked Cliff if he would pose for a picture? Without hesitation, Cliff obliged!

2009 LA SGCon Cliff and Kenn

Well folks the rest is history. Cliff and Ryan spent a great deal of time with ValaBlck and MeaganSue that evening. As I observed from a discrete distance and mingled with fans from around the world, I could see the sheer delight occurring. Cliff and Ryan were so approachable and were having a grand time at the Karaoke!

2009 LA SGCon Cliff Simon ValaBlack MeaganSue

As you all now know MeaganSue and Ryan Robbins sang Karaoke together as a conspiracy of fans egged them on. I think Cliff Simon also played a role in instigating the fun that occurred! I remember asking Cliff before leaving for the night “if he would be singing Karaoke as well?” With a big smile on his face, I received two simple words from Cliff as an answer:

Cliff Simon: “Heck No!”


Click to visit and follow WormholeRiders News Agency on Twitter!In closing my report on the fantastically talented person that is Cliff Simon, I have included below the upcoming “American Affirmations Tour” video of which Cliff will take part in”. WormholeRiders asks that you contact Ms. Patricia Bertrand of Simon-Stewart Productions to see how you can volunteer for this worthy cause.

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed reading about Stargate, Ba’al portrayed by the creative Cliff Simon!

Best Regards

KennClick to visit WR_Systems (Kenn) on Twitter

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