One Reporter’s Experience San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Star Wars Science Interview, Swimmers and Stan Lee!

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I spent a lot of this year at San Diego Comic-Con standing in lines to get into rooms and watching panels (a.k.a. sitting in one room all day). While the panels are always a good time, standing in the lines really SUCKS.

Luckily, I also had almost a full day where I was free to do nothing but walk around the con floor, which is one of my favorite things to do at the San Diego Convention Center.

San Diego Convention Center home of Comic-Con InternationalWalking around the con floor can be a bit overwhelming. The crowds are crazy! I came home with tons of tiny bruises all over my body from constantly bumping into people. I frequently lost site of my friends while trying to navigate through the giant nerd mass. I found it easiest to only travel with Anne.

Once we tried adding more peeps, I got too stressed trying not to get separated. Still, it is totally worth the chaos to see the phenomenal merchandise, people in costume, and some of my favorite writers and television/movie stars on the floor.

Check out this pic I got of Stan Lee!

SDCC 2011 experience- Stan Lee

Also, check out these crazy remote control flying sharks (Air Swimmers) someone had!

People in costume are abundant on the con floor. They are constantly being stopped and asked for photos and sometimes stay in the same spot taking pictures with people for hours. Some people are dressed in costumes that you could buy at your local Halloween store, while others go ALL out. It’s incredible what some of these people are able to put together. They truly look like they just walked off a movie set. I wish I had a fraction of the talent that these people who make these astounding works of art have.

SDCC 2011 experience- costume-2

SDCC 2011 experience- costume-7SDCC 2011 experience- costume-1SDCC 2011 experience- costume-3SDCC 2011 experience- costume-4SDCC 2011 experience- costume-5SDCC 2011 experience- costume-6SDCC 2011 experience- costume-8SDCC 2011 experience- costume-9SDCC 2011 experience- costume-10SDCC 2011 experience- costume-11

I made sure to gather a photo collection of me hugging the bad guys from Star Wars I saw just so I can send them to my brother who always hums the Imperial March when I walk into a room.

SDCC 2011 experience- Rachelle loves evil-1

Excuse me… Mr. Maul. Do you mind if I hug you?SDCC 2011 experience- Rachelle loves evil-4

Thank you for your service to the Dark Side!

SDCC 2011 experience- Rachelle loves evil-3

You can also find people dressed up outside the con. Anne and I went out in search of food with some friends one night and we got trapped on the sidewalk by a freaking ZOMBIE parade!

SDCC 2011 experience- zombies-1

SDCC 2011 experience- zombieSDCC 2011 experience- zombies-2SDCC 2011 experience- zombies-3SDCC 2011 experience- zombies-4

These people got ALL into being zombies. I actually saw a girl take a guy with a camera down to the ground, and she freaking BIT him. FOR REAL. He was screaming and I could see the bite mark on him.

SDCC 2011 experience- zombies-7

Check out this zombie chick with the baby! Crazy, huh?

SDCC 2011 experience- zombies-6

Zombies in San Diego? Who ya gonna call?

SDCC 2011 experience- zombies-8

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention all the extraordinary merchandise that’s available at the con. There is a wide variety of stuff for purchase like apparel, actions figures, and toys.

SDCC 2011 experience- Merchandise-1SDCC 2011 experience- Merchandise-6

The con has thousands of kick-ass nerd shirts for sale. I got this one for myself!

SDCC 2011 experience- Merchandise-9

I also got these Star Wars ice cube trays.

SDCC 2011 experience- Merchandise-8

And, of course, there are marvelous collectables all over the floor.

SDCC 2011 experience- Merchandise-2SDCC 2011 experience- Merchandise-3SDCC 2011 experience- Merchandise-4SDCC 2011 experience- Merchandise-5

I also picked up some toys for myself. I ran into the Uncle Milton Star Wars Science booth and I fell in love. They make educational Star Wars toys. How cool is that? I picked up these super cool light sabers.

SDCC 2011 experience- Merchandise-7

Star Wars Science logo

I got a chance to talk with Dave Malacrida from Uncle Milton Star Wars Science a little about their other products. Check out the interview below:


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  1. Hi Rachelle,

    Thank you for this outstanding report on “One Reporter’s Experience”. You have encapsulated so much of what Comic-Con 2011 was all about!

    Very nice interview as well with Uncle Milton too!

    Best Regards,


  2. AWESOME!!!! Loved the report & the pictures are to DIE for! LOL 😉 So cool!!! Wonderful time had by all! 🙂

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