Ghost Wars Genius Simon Davis Barry Intriguing Interview at Comic-Con!

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Welcome back WormholeRiders to our final Going Ghost Wars at San Diego Comic-Con Interview!

SDCC 2017 Ghost Wars Press Room Simon Davis Barry
SDCC 2017 Ghost Wars Press Simon Davis Barry

Our final SDCC2017 scripted series interview for 2017 was conducted with the great screen writer, Director and Executive Producer of Ghost Wars, Van Helsing and Continuum, the superb genius Simon Davis Barry!

Mr Barry has tremendous talent that is obvious to anyone who has followed his successful entertainment career that began in the 1990’s as a cameraman in the hit feature film The Russia House starring Sean Connery and Michelle Pfeiffer! Mr Barry marched towards directing and producing when he wrote the screen play for one of my favorite films, The Art of War (2000) starring the talented Wesley Snipes!

SDCC 2017 Ghostwars Press Room Simon Davis Barry
SDCC 2017 Ghostwars Press Simon Davis Barry

One of his crowning achievements, Continuum series garnered eighteen awards and was nominated for many more! Now Executive Producing Ghost Wars, Simon Davis Barry has hit a grand slam with a tale that blends the supernatural! During our exclusive interview with Simon Davis Barry, he revealed the premise for the program which has blossomed into a series that deserves many more seasons. Moreover, #TeamWHR is more than delighted to learn details about the supernatural show, and in the opinion of this editor, his awesome alien invasion series that has become manifest in Ghost Wars!

SDCC 2017 Ghost Wars Press Room Simon Davis Barry and Kenn
Ghost Wars Simon Davis Barry and Kenn

We have been excited by the Ghost Wars story arc thus far and were frankly fascinated when the alien meteorite, being investigated by the nefarious corporate villain Lamda Corporation, was shown on screen in ninth episode, “Post Apocalypse Now”. Airing on December 07, 2017, the revelations during the episode were numerous, including when Father Dan (Vincent D’Onofrio) was almost killed by an alien with tentacles that nearly strangled him!


SDCC 2017 Ghost Wars Press Room
SDCC 2017 Ghost Wars Press Room

Simon Davis Barry has written three of the episodes in the first season of Ghost Wars including the season one finale thirteenth episode that will air in early January 2018.

We are extremely excited to learn the fate of the malevolent baby alien born in the episode “The Feast” which aired recently on December 21, 2017 on SYFY!


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Simon Davis Barry recruited a bevy of famous stars for Ghost Wars including the Meat Loaf, legendary character actors Vincent D’OnofrioKandyse McClure, Kim Coates, Kristin Lehman, Luvia Peterson, Philip Granger, Tammy Gillis, Elise Gatien, Sharon Taylor, Jesse Moss, Zak Santiago, Ryan Robbins, science fiction newcomers Avan Jogia, Chance Hurstfield, and many more!

SDCC 2017 Ghost Wars Avan Jogia, Kandyse McClure and Simon Davis Barry
Ghost Wars Avan Jogia, Kandyse McClure and Simon Davis Barry

Our intriguing interview with Simon Davis Barry was conducted subsequent to attending the fantastic Ghost Wars SDCC panel in 2017, when #TeamWHR was granted the privilege of interviewing the marvelous Mr Barry and Vincent D’Onofrio in the Ghost Wars Press Room.

The Ghost Wars panel was an outstanding event at SDCC 2017 with both actors and series creators in attendance at the panel when they shared details about a great new paranormal alien invasion series now enjoying an exciting premiere season on SYFY!

SDCC 2017 Van Helsing Press Room Chad Oakes and Mike Frislev
SDCC 2017 Van Helsing Press Room Chad Oakes and Mike Frislev

In addition to showcasing the Ghost Wars San Diego Comic-Con panel, Simon Davis Barry was joined in the SYFY Press Room by Ghost Wars lead actors Vincent D’Onofrio,  Avan Jogia, Kandyse McClure and Meat Loaf as well as series creators Chad Oakes and Mike Frislev.

We here at #TeamWHR have enjoyed the first season of Ghost Wars and are hopeful that the series will be renewed for many more years to come on SYFY in the United States and Netflix around the world!

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