WonderCon 2012: Felicia Day Drops by Cryptozoic Booth To Open The Guild Trading Cards!


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Cryptozoic Entertainment has teamed up with Felicia Day and The Guild team to bring us an array of awesome new trading cards based off our favorite award-winning webseries about gamers. These tremendous trading cards showcase moments from seasons 1-3 of The Guild.

Visit and learn more about Cryptozoic Entertainment The Guild trading cards!The base set includes 63 cards with 5 cards in a pack and 24 packs in a box. Be on the look out for autograph and wardrobe cards (containing clothing worn by our “Guildies”) that are each randomly inserted into 1:24 packs.

A Happy Felicia Day with The Guild trading cards!

We were there at WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim at the Cryptozoic booth where the lovely Felicia Day dropped by to open up packs of The Guild trading cards. 

Felicia Day with her The Guild trading cards!
Felicia had a bit of trouble opening up the cards so she called up two lucky fans from the crowd to help her. Felicia entertained us with fun facts about the cards, including stories of her rooting through her closet to come up with pieces of Codex’s clothing to be sacrificed for the wardrobe cards.

Felicia Day with her own The Guild trading card!

Felicia with everyone’s favorite “uh-oh” moment!

Sandeep and Felicia with The Guild trading cards!

The Guild trading cards extravaganza!

The bad boy you know you shouldn’t want…. but you totally do, Fawkes (Wil Wheaton).

Felicia with The Guild’s fearless leader, Vork (Jeff Lewis).

Visit and learn more about Cryptozoic Entertainment The Guild trading cards!Felicia doesn’t seem too happy about oiled-up shirtless Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh)… So we took this card off her hands…. AND you can get your very own set of The Guild trading cards here

Need to catch up on the Guild? Check out seasons 1-5 at the official “The Guild” web site

The Guild banner - Visit and learn more at teh official web site!

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One thought on “WonderCon 2012: Felicia Day Drops by Cryptozoic Booth To Open The Guild Trading Cards!

  1. Hiya Anne and Rachelle!

    Much appreciation for your lovely WonderCon 2012 report on The Guild tradings cards by @Cryptozoic Entertainment! I WANT THESE CARDS!

    The images were lovely. Ms. Day always looks beautiful and is such a nice person as I recall from a chance private meeting last July at Comic-Con as we were both escaping the crowds in an unused press room.

    Thank you for a wonderful (pun intended) news article!

    Best Regards,


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