Part Two of Scifi on the Rock Saturday!

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Welcome back friends.

I hope you have all enjoyed the Q&A’s previously provided by SciFi on The Rock for the Mike Savva video panel, and part one (of two) with Mr. David Nykl video panel. This is just a short but exciting review of the rest of what I experienced (from where I last left off) on Saturday at Scifi on the Rock.

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After David’s Q&A, I had my panel at the Holiday Inn St. Johns convention facilities. And let me tell ya, I was never so nervous in all my life. Well except for the interview I have done before the convention with Mr. Mike Dopud. But being one not used to standing in front of a room, I managed to hold it together. The name of my panel was Everything Stargate. It was an hour long and I thought to myself, “what and how am I going to make this last for an hour?” But I did. Thanks to some awesome people in the room making the topic very interesting and fun.

We discussed all three series, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. Although there was a few that just could not get into the show, too dark. But I voiced my opinion again saying that we had a full year’s warning of the type of show SGU was going to be. But all in all, it was a great turn-out with some great topics and thoughts on what we all liked about the series as a whole. I would definitely do this again.

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But because my panel was during the same time as another Q&A, I made note to make sure I caught it for Sunday. So this gave me an hour to catch a breath and relax a bit before the auction they had. And boy oh boy what a load of things they were given as a donation to help with the charity they help out every year – School Lunch Program.

I do not know the total amount they were able to accumulate, I am hoping to have that total number on Sunday’s report. But they had everything from Star Trek novels to comic magazines, movie posters like TRON to various scifi toys. Gillian Webster won three Stargate SG-1 Replicator blocks. I was sitting next to her along the back wall of the auction room when she placed the winning bid. When she came back to her seat, I asked if I could hold one. It was so cool, holding a piece of history. All in all, it was an awesome time had by all.

Click to learn more about Suzie Plaxton!Click to learn more about Robert Axelrod!Then after the auction, it was time for Dinner with the Stars. This was my very first time attending such an event and what a laugh. There were a few there from the convention committee, myself and two other girls (one was Gillian again), and the five guests; Mike Savva, David Nykl, J.G. Hertzler, Robert Axelrod and Suzie Plaxton.

I met up with Peggy Dixon (one of the coordinators) with another attendee and followed to the room the restaurant had set aside for this event and looked for the best place to sit at the table where I can listen in on whatever conversations people were going to have.

So I was basically in the middle of the table. I had David, Mike and J. G. on one side, and Suzie and Robert on the other.

Well once the three of us sat down, we were greeted by the hostess (at least one of them), but when asked what beverage I would like to have, I opted for just water. Then when we got comfy, in walks the guests for the evening. I was sitting two people away from David. LIKE OMG!!!!! Only TWO PEEPS AWAY!!!!!!!! But I Click to learn more about J.G. Hertzlerstayed composed, LOL.

Mike was sitting across from David, with J. G. at the end of the table with Gillian and her friend. And having an awesome conversation at that with the laughter coming from them. With my section of the table, was no better. My stomach was in knots with laughing at David and Mike. They were so awesome to just listen to.

Sitting next to me was Robert with Suzie sitting up one and opposite side of the table. Suzie commented how she loved to travel and meet the different cultures. Well you cannot come to Newfoundland and not expect to see so many different cultures in the one city, never mind the same province. She (as they all have commented) loved their time here. It was their first time here and were really enjoying themselves.

I kept going from one topic to another, depending on where I was focused at the time. With J. G. being at the end, it was sometimes hard to hear what was being said as David and Mike were in fits laughing. Though now both David and Mike know how screech was born. And poor J. G. thought that you get to drink a glass of screech when one gets “screeched in”. To his disappointment, you only get a shot, with his comment, “what’s the fun in that?” Well you can imagine that side of the table went up in fits laughing.Mike Savva at SciFi on the Rock 5 - April 2011

Then David and Mike mentioned on going to some bars. I told them, “I can take ya to George Street”. It got their attention. That was when I told them that it is a street of all clubs. I know another guy who would love to see that part of our city, LOL. And yes, we have LOTS of Guinness. LOL

The Dinner was the best experience I have ever had at this convention. And being that I was able to actually attend it for Saturday, was the bonus. Usually I am only able to get to the events on Sunday. So getting to this dinner was money well spent. If you ever get to come here for a convention, you just HAVE to buy a ticket for the Dinner with the Stars. It is so well worth it.

We were having such a great time chatting, that we were a little late getting to the Cantina. Again, this is another event that I have never had the pleasure to attend. And being that it started at 9:30pm, when we joined the already packed room, Suzie was already on the make-shift stage getting ready to sing her song. All I can say is, “wow, what a voice!” Then she preformed a song that she wrote for her dad, it was just amazing.

After she sang her two songs, there were some others who braved the stage. I can honestly say that this was such an awesome experience and everyone loved it as much as I did with the applauds from each act. But you will never, and I mean NEVER, get me up on stage. I like singing and dancing in the comforts of my own kitchen. So you will never see me on Canadian Idol, LOL

Unfortunately I was not able to stay for the last act. But I heard that the band they had for the last half hour was very awesome. But then again, it had MIke Fisher in it, he is another awesome guy to get to know. I had the privilege on getting to know him when filming the fan-made movie back in 2009. He was our O’Neill and done an awesome job.

Anyway on that note, I shall end this report on part two. Hope those of you who were there enjoyed reading this and even relived it again. For those of you reading this who were not here, you really have to get to the next one. They get better and better each year.

Thanks to David Nykl, Mike Savva, Robert Axelrod, and J. G., and Suzie for a lovely dinner. I had the best time ever. Thanks to Darren Hann and his team of awesome Scifi on the Rock convention members for putting off a fabulous convention. I will be back next year, though as one of you. 🙂

Click to visit and follow Wormholeriders News Agency on Twitter!Thanks for popping by and reading the second half of my Saturday’s excursions. I hope you had a great giggle here and there as I did when reliving it as I write this.

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Come again.

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