Fringe Panel at WonderCon 2012 “Walterism’s” with WB BTS Images!

Hey Fringe Fans!

Could not make it to the Warner Brothers Fringe panel at WonderCon in Anaheim this year? Do not worry; we are here to let you know what went down.

The Sunday afternoon panel on March 18, 2012 consisted of executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel H. Wyman along with your favorite cast members Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop), John Noble (Walter Bishop), Blair Brown (Nina Sharp), and Seth Gabel (Lincoln Lee).

Click to learn more about Warner Brothers Entertainment!Eric Goldman from IGN moderated the panel introduced by the lovely Lauren Townsend of Warner Brothers.

While most of the images used herein at from WHR, we would also like to thank Tom McAlister of Warner Brothers for providing several images in this  news report.

WonderCon banner 2012 - Click to learn more at the official web site!The WonderCon 2012 Fringe panel kicked-off with an absolutely HILARIOUS video of crazy things Walter says on the show (Walter-isms).

Wondercon 2012 - John Noble of Fringe enters the stage
Image courtesy Warner Brothers

Warning: This video is so funny; you may pee in your pants and die while laughing. You have been warned. Enjoy!

We also got to watch several minutes of last Friday’s episode “A Short Story About Love”, which is written by J. H. Wyman & Graham Roland and directed by Wyman as well. From what we saw, this episode looks amazing. Be prepared for a SUPER creepy bad guy (the makeup on this guy is superb) who is seriously twisted. Seth Gabel mentioned that he was creeped out by the clip but when he’s on set he can smell the makeup on the person so he knows it’s not real and it doesn’t bother him as much.

The cast didn’t give much away as to what we can expect for the final episodes this season. With all that has happened does Peter still think he’s in the wrong universe? All Joshua Jackson could say was “I can’t answer you”. We did, however, find out that we would delve deeper into who shot September in the remaining eight episodes. We will find out more back-story about both Lincoln Lees! Yay!

One concerned fan came up to the microphone and expressed anxiety about Olivia’s well being.  The panelist only answered that they care about her and hoped she makes it too. Will we ever see William Bell again? The panelists stated that Leonard Nimoy is now retired but they would love to have him back and incorporate Bell back into the story. The cast mentioned a common joke on the set is that the best way to get back on to the show is to have your character die. On that note, they are also open to the idea of bringing Charlie (Kirk Acevdeo) back but have no definite plans.

Of course the BIG question on everyone’s mind is if Fringe will be back for a season 5. Unfortunately they didn’t have any official word to give on that front. They expressed that their goal is to make the best show they can for us fans and will not let the fear of not being renewed get in the way of that. We will have closure to some of the mysteries by the end of season 4.

Check out our video of the panel below. Watch for Joshua Jackson’s take on Peter’s inability to chose an Olivia and how that relates to his previous role on Dawson’s Creek.

Wondercon 2012 - John Noble and Josh Jackson of Fringe sign autographs
Image courtesy of Warner Brothers

Fringe returned last week and we will get a new episode each week until the finale. Make sure to ask your friends and family to tune in (especially if they have a Nielsen Box!). Let’s try and get the numbers up and help this unique show get another season.

Tune into Fringe 9/8 central on FOX!

Wondercon 2012 - Seth Gabel, Blair Brown and Josh Jackson of Fringe
Image courtesy of Warner Brothers

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