WonderCon 2012 Interview with Jorge Garcia and Sarah Jones of Alcatraz!

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This past weekend courtesy of Warner Brothers at WonderCon we got a chance to talk with Alcatraz stars Jorge Garcia (Dr. Diego Soto) and Sarah Jones (Rebecca Madsen) about their fantastic show and what we can expect as we head into the finale.

Rachelle: Jorge, can you tell us how you prepared for your role on Alacatraz?

Jorge: Well, the great thing about playing an expert on a scripted show is the script tells you what to say. Because a lot of the stuff we make up about these guys are made up. You know, these aren’t real prisoners, so really there’s not a lot to study about them since they don’t really exist.

Rachelle: That makes sense. Now Sarah, you play a homicide detective. How did you prepare for this role as a cop?

Sarah: Yeah, I took up boxing. I learned how to shoot my gun. I spoke to a Lieutenant for hours on end: any questions I had, anything I wanted answers to. He was a former detective.

Rachelle: Did he tell you how to run in heels?

Sarah: No, no he didn’t. I had to learn that one on my own.

Jorge: Not that he didn’t know. He knew. He’s just like “that one you’ve got to learn on your own sister”. She’s good at that hold the gun and the flashlight at the same time thing.

Rachelle: That does look difficult.

Jorge: That’s my favorite part of her copping. And her kicking down doors!

Sarah: I’m good at kicking down doors too. I’m really good at that, and picking locks.

Rachelle: You’ve been practicing?

Sarah: Yeah, I’m pretty good at picking locks.

Rachelle: What’s your favorite thing that you’ve filmed so far? Action scenes?

Jorge: Of the whole season?

Sarah: Jumping off the roof was definitely, that was my favorite.

Rachelle: Did you do that?

Sarah: Yeah

Jorge: When Doc suddenly got to drive that car was kind of cool.

Rachelle: What about your scenes with Nikki?

Jorge: Those are great too. I have no complaints.

Rachelle: And where do we see this going?

Jorge: I don’t know yet. That’s something that you have to ask them (indicates Steven and Bryan).

Rachelle: Now I know she asked you on a date…

Jorge: Right, she did.

Rachelle: And you won’t tease at all? Do you know what’s going to happen?  How much do they tell you ahead of time?

Jorge: They don’t tell me anything ahead of time.

Rachelle: Nothing?

Jorge: As to what happens between Doc and Nikki…will be addressed at a later date.

Rachelle (to Sarah): What about your love life?

Sarah: Rebecca, she has no time for a love life. She’s got bad guys to catch, and her grandfather to find.

Rachelle: It is a bit complex for her.

Sarah: Yeah, she’s a little busy at the moment. She doesn’t really have time to go on dates at the moment.

Jorge: Yeah, you might see her with Nikki before you see me with Nikki actually.

Rachelle: That would be an interesting twist.

Rachelle: So can you guys give us any teasers coming up towards the finale?

Sarah: Well, there’s a pretty iconic car chase that you’ll see.

Jorge: They showed that clip. You finally get the reunion between Rebecca and her grandfather, face to face.

Sarah: Yes, that happens.

Rachelle: And does she call him grandpap?

Jorge: She says, “Popa, you owe me a lot of Christmas presents”.

Sarah: It should be a good showdown and a good little cliffhanger at the end. I think people will be pleased with the last couple of episodes for sure.

Rachelle: Well we’re really excited to see it. Thanks you guys for talking to us.


Don’t miss out on the action packed 2-hour season finale Monday at 8 PM on FOX!

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