Femme Fatales: Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Interview with Captivating Series Star Catherine Annette!


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On Saturday July 14, 2012 during the wonderful Comic-Con 2012 entertainment and geek convention conducted in San Diego California, we had the honor and pleasure of interviewing the captivating Catherine Annette, who portrays the crafty character Tiffany in the hit Cinemax series Femme Fatales!

Femme Fatales banner poster - Click to learn more at the official Cinemax web site!About to complete it’s second season on Cinemax we were honored to interview this accomplished actress and learn more about what she enjoys in the upcoming season two finale!

Hello fans and friends. Here we are again, another spicy installment of my interviews with the ladies of Femme Fatales. First off let me say thank you to all the people out there who have read these posts, I hope you are enjoying reading them as much as I am writing them.

Once again, I find myself having fun and delving deeper into the noir world of Femme Fatales, in this my third installment from my time at Comic-Con, we meet the lovely Catherine Annette, the fiery red head.

SDCC 2012 - Femme Fatales captivating Catherine Annette

The one question that have asked all the girls is ‘do you think your show is a good role model for girls or women?’ and all of them have said an emphatic yes. It is hard nowadays to find strong women roles, to find the roles that do not paint women in a victim light or a secondary light.

To quote one of my favorite rocker chicks and a bad ass women Pat Benatar ‘We are strong heartache to heartache we stand, no promises no demands. Love is a battlefield’. That sums up to me the struggle women everyday have to contend with.

When asked about whom in her opinion is a modern day femme fatale, Catherine had mentioned Scarlett Johansson. Catherine had also pointed out that one of the most iconic characters in animated history was the best femme fatale ever…Jessica Rabbit. How can you NOT agree with her about Ms. Rabbit! She truly embodied everything that defines the word femme fatale.

SDCC 2012 - Femme Fatales Catherine AnnetteOne thing that was a theme among the girls is the powerful influences in their lives. It ranged from parents to siblings to best friends, no matter who it was in their lives. That powerful influence was the one person they could count on to give them the strength and power to be who they are. That is ALWAYS important, especially for an actor, to be able to find your strength is what will get you through tough scenes.

As a director, I always encourage strength. What society dictated to Catherine’s mother (who was her powerful influence) she broke the mold; she did what she wanted to do not what she was supposed to do. She made her own fate and future, she was her own champion. That strength obviously rubbed off on Catherine, because she is a very confident, funny, strong woman. Good job mom!

SDCC 2012 - Femme Fatales Fiery Catherine Annette

Once again Catherine says that the vibe on the set is fun and a family. She loves the costumes and the hair and makeup…who wouldn’t? You essentially get to play dress up and kick ass…who would say no to that?

One thing that I loved that Catherine mentioned is that the show is a passion project for everyone involved. I am a HUGE advocate of that, it is nice to know that I am not the only one who takes pride in their work, who has a love and immense passion for whatever it is you are passionate about. How does the saying go…if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.

SDCC 2012 - Femme Fatales fantastic Catherine AnnetteThe passion she spoke of reminded me of what Mark Altman talked about in his interview. How his passion for noir manifested itself into this special show! Passion projects are exactly that, passionate to the core from beginning to end.

The question that I was most curious to hear the answer to was the one I asked about male directors. How is it in a cast of all female that a male director can get his point across without having it slanted to the male agenda?

SDCC 2012 - Femme Fatales gorgeus Catherine Annette

Catherine responded and made a great point, it is not about gender; it is about vision. She had said that yes the guys have their vision, but when the women come on set and add their spin on things, all goes right. It ebbs and flows seamlessly, that is what great teamwork does. Adding the elements of what makes each character uniquely theirs is great, the femininity or sexuality, etc.

Well, another fantastic femme fatale interview for the books and more to come!

I want to thank the lovely Catherine Annette for a wonderful interview, giving us a further glimpse into the sultry, passionate, sexy world and sharing details about the world of Femme Fatales! Come back soon as we complete our run of exclusive interviews with all the lovely and talented Femme Fatales who attended Comic-Con 2012!

And make sure to tune in for the epic season finale August 10 on Cinemax!!

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    Thank you for wonderful interview about your role Tiffany in Femme Fatales during SDCC 2012 with hopes and wishes for a season three!

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