Stargate Chicago 2012 by Creation Entertainment Wows the Windy City!


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Hello from the Windy City Stargate fans,

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I am pleased to announce the commencement of Creation Entertainment’s Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Convention being conducted at the luxurious Westin O’Hare! 

From August 17th to August 19th 2012, this reporter will be covering the intricacies, breathtaking moments and, of course, the celebrities attending what has become Creation Entertainment’s largest, and now the only official Stargate convention in the world.

I am also excited to announce WormholeRiders will be including a LIVE You Decide radio show this Sunday August 19, 2012 at 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific time where I will share my Stargate Chicago experience with you the fans of Stargate!

Stargate Chicago 2012 - Celebrity Banner

Stargate Chicago Day One:

With the Gold passes sold out and the Preferred admission nearly so, the turnout is expected to be higher than last year but no less diverse.  Stargate fans from all over the globe have flocked here via plane, train, or automobile with many enjoying the Chicago city lights before heading inside.

I myself am particularly excited about this convention as I have been preparing for it since the closing of last year’s!  It is always supremely exciting to meet up with old friends and friends only met online to enjoy talking, laughing, geeking out, and participating in the convention events.  With Creation’s naturally relaxed atmosphere and the venue being the same as last year, (the beautiful Westin O’Hare), it is all just a matter of what to go after first – and just like last year, Creation Entertainment does not disappoint with the options.

Stargate Chicago - Westin Fountain

Stargate Chicago 2012 - SG-1 gateThe ever-popular Creation Entertainment Stargate Trivia Game draws at least half the audience while other fans wander off to check out the swag in the vendor dealer room where vast amounts of Stargate memorabilia waits to be eagerly purchased by the attendees! 

Questions from any Stargate show or movie can be asked, and there’s usually a tantalizing prize to be found at the end of the ‘most correct answers’ rainbow. 

The Creation Entertainment Stargate Trivia Game gets really fun when the audience cannot keep itself quiet. Many Stargate fans often become excited and wind up helping the games players unintentionally!

Stargate Chicago 2012 - Atlantis gate

The dealers’ room is absolutely packed full of memorabilia. Though not always exclusive to Stargate, here the fans can track down any amount of t-shirts, audiobooks, novels, patches, DVDs, posters, promotional photos, and autographs courtesy of the fabulous folks at Creation Entertainment! 

The supply of Stargate items available seems endless when you walk in. Like many fans, I have discovered that the best way to get around is just to make a list of everything you want before narrowing it down to what you desire to own yourself!

Stargate Chicago 2012 - Chuck Campbell

Stargate Chicago 2012 - Michael ShanksOf course, what convention would be complete without the people who make it famous? 

This year, a whopping fifteen actors and actresses are storming Chicago to relax on stage and chat, then kindly offer over their faces and hands for thousands of pictures and autographs sought by the fans! 

Our headliners this year are the ever-so-popular and awesomely cool Michael Shanks (Stargate SG-1), and Joe Flanigan, (Stargate Atlantis) from the famed MGM Studios Stargate franchise.  Stargate Chicago 2012 - Joe Flanigan

These two Stargate legends will be joined over the weekend festivities in Chicago by the likes of beloved Stargate actors and actresses including Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion, Robert Picardo, David Nykl, Andee Frizzell, Cliff Simon, Jewel Staite, Dan Payne, Steve Bacic, Chuck Campbell, Alex Zahara, Kate Hewlett, and Tony Amendola

Stargate Chicago 2012 - Paul McGillionAfter speaking with many fans, all agreed that the Westin O’Hare is delightfully packed to the gills with not only Stargate talent, but with hundreds of devoted supporters of Stargate as well!

Naturally, the highlight of Stargate Chicago 2012 Day One is the Creation Entertainment Celebrity Cabaret and Karaoke Party!

Happening back-to-back, fans get an exclusive chance to see a couple actors kicking it onstage doing what they all do best – providing their fans with raw entertainment! Stargate Chicago 2012 - Cliff Simon

Last year we were regaled by Gary Jones and Alexis Cruz, but this year we are in the presence of one Robert Picardo, Chuck Campbell, and Tony Amendola

Having never seen any of these actors in person, I could only hold my breath and wait while they took the stage! I can share this, which should come as no surprise; All the Stargate fans in attendance, including myself, were overjoyed eagerly anticipating an evening of enjoyable entertainment provided by the celebrities and the team of professionals at Creation Entertainment!

Stargate Chicago 2012 - Robert Picardo

Of course they soon take my breath way.  Onstage, Robert Picardo showcases his talent at singing, (now, did all of you know he could sing?  If not, you are in for a treat.  The man’s voice is incredible!)  He’s creative with the music too, covering everything from Astaire and Rogers to Tom Jones with a little bit of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ mixed in. 

Chuck Campbell, one  of the most animated and energetic men I have ever seen, regales us with hilarious stories of working in children’s theatre, and using an outhouse in Vietnam.  Last but not least, Tony Amendola does a dramatic reading of a short story he adapted, (brilliantly so), and finishes off the evening with a discourse on love that is simultaneously romantic and completely hilarious.  He is a whole lot of fun under Bra’tac’s makeup!

The Friday night karaoke party is the last event of the evening, and normally is a huge crowd.  This year, we were a little bit smaller and more initimate, but the energy is no less as fairly talented (for karaoke) singers take the stage.  We have many group performances, including the same little angelic boy from last year leading us all in “Y.M.C.A.” and a salute to Paul McGillion’s performance of “I’m Gonna Be {500 Miles}”.

This year, of course, Alex Zahara and Dan Payne rushed the stage to dance and sing with us, and before long they even had the singers in stitches laughing.  These two are completely unforgettable and a hit at both cons I have been to!

Stargate Chicago 2012 Ballroom

This wraps up my overview of Day One of Creation Entertainment’s wonderful Stargate Chicago 2012 event. Special thanks to Adam Malin for putting together such a wonderful show and getting the audience so involved in the opening dialogue and to Monica Gillen for her support and guidance!

See you all tomorrow for our special You Decide LIVE radio program about Stargate Chicago 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific time!!!

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