Human Target at WonderCon 2011: Series Secrets With Season Three News!


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We continue our WonderCon 2011 coverage with an awesome set of interviews with the executive producer and celebrities of Human Target. On Sunday April 03, 2011 with courtesy from Warner Brothers Entertainment Publicity, WHR was fortunate to be able to attend not only the Human Target panel, but the press room as well to bring you exclusive interviews!

Click to learn more about Warner Brothers Entertainment!Human Target is a series with San Francisco setting that is actually shot in Vancouver British Columbia. Introduced in 2010, the series went on to a second season in 2011 with the addition of new female main characters and new location background location shots of San Francisco to enhance the realism of the show.

Season two expanded the epic adventures of Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) and his crew consisting of Click to learn more about 20th Century Fox Studios!Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley), his new side kick the very gorgeous “bad girl” Ames (Janet Montgomery) and steadfast Winston (Chi McBride) now under the guidance of beautiful and wealthy Ilsa Pucci (Indira Garma). The Warner Brothers Team brought three of the main cast to WonderCon led by the executive producer Matthew Miller as illustrated below.

WonderCon 2011 Jackie Earle Haley, Janet Montgomery, Mark Valley

WonderCon 2011 - Mark Valley and Matthew Miller

Much loved by the fans, the series is broadcast on FOX networks produced by Warner Brothers and is written in part by executive producer Matthew Miller. WHR has high hopes that Human Target will be renewed by FOX Broadcasting and return the series to their line-up for a third season. WHR will have more about the Human Target panel moderated by the lovely Jenna Busch in our reports to be filed in the near future. In the interim we are pleased to include the Human Target Team WonderCon interviews courtesy of Warner Brothers Entertainment! Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Human Target at WonderCon 2011: Series Secrets With Season Three News!

  1. Great interviews — interesting questions. Human Target 2 was so good it deserves a season3. Matt Miller did such a good job with the changes — all the 5 actors are superb and should get a chance to continue the story started in season 2. A good slot and some publicity will make this show a big hit for FOX — or maybe they can go to another network

    1. Hi Saturn,

      Thank you for the nice comments. I am glad you enjoyed the interviews with Mr. Miller, Mr. Valley, Ms. Montgomery and Mr. Haley. They have been quite popular with lots of views. We too are hopeful that a season three will be approved by FOX. Only about three weeks until we all find out!

      Best Regards

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