Sanctuary: Songs for Sanctuary for Kids to Serenade Citizens at Charity Fund Raiser in New York!


Welcome back supporters of worthwhile charity efforts,Click to learn more abot the incredible Sanctuary For Kids!

This Saturday evening June 25, 2011 something very wonderful to help children around the world is going to occur in New York City!

Of what do we speak? Why of course we are talking (and tweeting) about Songs for Sanctuary for Children, an event to support Sanctuary for Kids! The entire team here at WHR respectfully  requests your support to help this worthy charitable event.

How can you help? Please click the banner poster below to learn more and buy tickets for the charity event. The pricing for Songs for Sanctuary for Kids are extremely reasonable, only asking a modest twenty-five dollars ($25.00) USD to attend the event. The best part is that 100% of the proceeds are going to support Sanctuary for Kids! Even if you do not live in greater New York City area, please tell all your friends who do live there or nearby to spread the word about this fantastic charity event! Thank you.

Please click to support Songs Sanctuary for Kids. Thank you!

Songs for Sanctuary for Kids is a creative endeavor organized by the charitable Jennifer Shark with support and in coordination with Click to visit and follow Jennifer Shark on Twitter!the Sanctuary for Kids charity founded by Amanda Tapping, Damian Kindler, and Jill Bodie.

Songs for Sanctuary for Kids is a great charity fund raising event that will donate ALL (yes 100%) of the proceeds to help Sanctuary for Kids!

Songs for Sanctuary for Kids will be held at a great New York City theatrical venue:

The Triad NYCClick to order Songs for S4K tickets at The Triad NYC. Thank you!
158 West 72nd Street
New York, NY

This outstanding charity fund raising event will be conducted from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM local New York time (EST) featuring several wonderfully talented individuals including Liz Asti, Jimmy Blackman, Sandi DeGeorge, Greg Etling, David Gordon, and Bryan Wade. Please click here to order your tickets for the event. We include the Songs for Sanctuary for Kids press release below for your enjoyment.

Press Release:

Come join us for an evening of song to raise money for the charity Sanctuary for Kids

You can buy tickets online at: The Triad NYC web site:

Please feel free to share this event, and invite everyone you know. The work Sanctuary for Kids also known as S4K is doing is such  important work, let’s all help and change the world one song at a time! Thank you.

About Sanctuary For Kids:

Sanctuary for Kids is a Vancouver, BC based  charity aiding children in crisis around the world. Some of their current projects include funding a house, “Sanctuary House,” at the Nepal Orphans Home in Kathmandu which provides food, shelter, education and family to girls who have been orphaned and/or trafficked during Nepal’s long civil war.

They are also working with Asha Nepal and Next Generation Nepal to provide safe haven for children and families. In other regions, Sanctuary for Kids is working with Save the Children to provide aid to children in crisis in Haiti and Pakistan. At home, Sanctuary for Kids is working with the local Vancouver charity Watari, which aids homeless teens and provides them with the means to live safely as well as training for work, parenting, and helping them complete their education.

Sanctuary for Kids was founded by Amanda Tapping, Damian Kindler, and Jill Bodie in an effort to give something back to society after being gifted with tremendous success in the world of science fiction television, most recently the show, Sanctuary.

The safety and well-being of children is a major passion of all three, and with the enormously networked sci-fi community, they were able to start this grass-roots charity and turn it into something very special. Please visit their website: to learn more about this unique organization.

Click to visit Sanctuary For Kids and Dare to Dream!

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3 thoughts on “Sanctuary: Songs for Sanctuary for Kids to Serenade Citizens at Charity Fund Raiser in New York!

  1. very nice article. thank you. if things were not so tough financially for my family i would make a donation to sanctuary for kids. my wife was laid off and we have her retired mom plus two kids to take care of and our property was sold at court auction. one day i hope to be able to help the charity.

  2. Hi Gene,

    Yes you are correct. The majority of our social interaction occurs on Twitter. However we appreciate when people like you stop by and leave a comment!

    Sorry to hear your property was sold off. Things are indeed very tough financially for many people. I assume you are in the United States?

    Best Regards

  3. thank you. yes my family lives in the usa. my wifes job was sent to china and our property was sold for a fraction of its value at auction. one day we will recover and donate to sanctuary for kids and other charities like we used to be able to do.

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