Kirk Acevedo Interview: Ramse & His 12 Monkeys – Hear, Speak and See No Evil at San Diego Comic-Con 2015!


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Hello my fellow 12 Monkeys and San Diego Comic-Con fans! hope you are excited about season two of 12 Monkeys? I know I am! I had the great pleasure of going to San Diego Comic-Con again this year and was able to interview the great men of 12 Monkeys. Kirk Acevedo (Ramse), Todd Stashwick (Deacon) and Aaron Stanford (James Cole).

I was very happy that I was able to interview Kirk since I am a huge Fringe fan and mourn the cancellation of it even now more than two years later. Even though I was in the press room for 12 Monkeys I did wear my Fringe T-shirt knowing that I was going to be interviewing Kirk (Charlie Francis). He appreciated the fact that I was wearing it and I was proud to represent myself as an admirer of his career.

Cast of 12 Monkeys-SDCC 2015The interview started off with me mentioning the fact that in recent years he has done a lot of sci-fi genre stuff, from Fringe to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to 12 Monkeys, I asked if that was his new genre. Being the sci-fi geek that he is, he loves that the last few years have been filled with “post-apocalyptic work” and that does seem to fit him well. One of the things I did ask him about was working with Leonard Nimoy in Fringe.

Kirk had always been a fan from the early Star Trek days to the wonderful show In Search of…a 1976 show where, according to IMDB, “Leonard hosts investigations into various mysteries” it was a dream come true for him. He also said that he and Leonard would comment on each other’s voices, how distinctive they are and how unique they are.Kirk Acevedo-12 Monkeys press Room-SDCC 2015
As I brought up the movie of the same name, I asked if he had seen it and had taken any inspiration form the film. Since his character isn’t actually in the movie it really didn’t give him any inspiration. He did make a great point about the fact that with the series, the characters are able to delve deeper into topics and get a little grittier than you would normally see in a sci-fi series. That is the beauty of a TV series, characters have several episodes to explore a certain topic and not be confined to the two hour rule in film.

SDCC 2015 Kirk Acevedo in Syfy 12 Monkeys Press RoomIt is unusual for a main character to not be in the pilot like Kirk’s character of Ramse. So when I asked what drew you to want to play him, he said when the writers Travis Fickett and Terry Matalas were pitching him his character, it was the journey that Ramse was going to take that drew him in. The conflicts that Ramse fights for, the transitions and what to fight for is what makes Ramse’s character so meaty and so much fun for Kirk to play.

12 Monkeys Kirk Acevedo - Click to visit and follow 12 Monkeys on Twitter!I am glad they picked him to play such a complex character, because Kirk is such a skilled actor. From his years of theatre training in New York you can really see those chops being put to great use. Complex characters is a specialty of his, in my opinion, from Miguel Alvarez in Oz to Charlie Francis (in all his incarnations) in Fringe and Ramse in 12 Monkeys, Kirk brings his immense talent to the screen and always brings more depth and layers to a character than is on the written page.
Kirk Acevedo, Aaron Stanford & Barbara Sukowa-SDCC 2015Time travel is a reoccurring theme in Monkeys and so I posed the question to him what time would he like to travel back to if he had the chance, his answer was Ancient Rome and WW2. I asked if he would be a Centurion but he said he couldn’t be a gladiator because he’d be dead. Oh ye of such little faith, Kirk, I think he’d do fine. His other answer of WW2 was just to be a part of that history of the world, to experience what it was like to be a part of the war of the worlds as he put it.

Another thing Kirk mentioned is that all the characters tend to be morally ambiguous…hmm, I like that. I mean aren’t we all in some way the same? There are things that we are absolutely resigned about and others that we can toe the line and teeter and almost cross it. I guess it depends on what you are faced with in life, there is no good or bad it just is what it is. It all comes down to choice and I am curious to see what choices Ramse will be making in the next season to come.

Kirk Acevedo-12 Monkeys-SDCC 2015

Well, my fellow Monkeys that is Ramse in a nut shell. I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. I want to thank the ever complex and total bad ass Kirk Acevedo for his time and for giving this Fringe fan (and 12 Monkeys fan) an experience I will cherish. I hope that season 2 will be just as exciting and complex as season 1! Until next season…

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